FAQ: How can I send a fax from the Internet?

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Yes. There are many services that will let you use the Internet to send faxes. Some are free while others are pay services. Some services require that you can send and receive electronic mail, or that you have Web access. Others require you to install special software on your computer.

Some services allow you to receive faxes, too. When you receive a fax at a special number, it is delivered via e-mail address or available for viewing on the Web. Some commercial services include bulk faxing and other special features.


These services allow you to send faxes using any Web browser or e-mail client, without installing special fax software on your computer.



MyFax is an innovative email fax service used in thousands of home offices and small businesses that depend on reliable fax communications. MyFax simply integrates with existing email systems, needing no new software or hardware, and eliminates costs, hassles and missing pages. For only $10 monthly (or $110 per year) you get 100 outgoing fax pages and 200 incoming pages each month. Additional pages cost 10 cents each. There's no set-up fee or other hidden fees. You can receive your faxes as PDF or TIFF files in up to three email accounts, or view them on the web. Send faxes via e-mail: the service supports 45 file formats.      Go to MyFax      
Rated by 66 people. Reliability: 4.9. Cost: 5.7. Features: 5.1. Satisfaction: 5.5. (Each out of 7.)
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Metro Hi Speed [KEVIN'S PICK]

Metro Hi Speed lets you send and receive faxes via e-mail or by printing to fax from your Microsoft Windows applications. A monthly charge of $12.95 includes up to 1,000 pages of combined inbound or outbound faxes. (3 cents per additional page.) An additional $2 per month gets you a toll-free inbound fax number. (There's also a $9.95 setup fee.) It's easy to add extra fax numbers (with discounts for six or more) allowing each employee to have their own fax number that delivers faxes directly to their e-mail account.
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Rated by 32 people. Reliability: 5.9. Cost: 6.2. Features: 5.8. Satisfaction: 6.5. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 8/31/2007]


AirComUSA offers fax<->email, fax-from-the-desktop, and fax broadcasting. You get a toll-free 1-888 number for receiving, or a local fax number in your choices of a few, but growing, list of area codes. There are several account options, ranging from $8.95/month + 10 cents per minute to $29.95/month which includes toll-free voicemail and two hours of usage. You can register for a free trial account for receiving faxes: it provides 30 minutes/30 days of usage (whichever is less) via a toll-free number. Faxes arrive in e-mail as a TIFF or PDF file. They also handle special requests, such as fax delivery via FTP.
Rated by 37 people. Reliability: 6.2. Cost: 6.2. Features: 6. Satisfaction: 6.1. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 4/14/2006]


For $9.95/month, RapidFax provides a local or toll-free number for incoming faxes, including 300 combined incoming/outgoing pages per month. 8 cents per additional page. (There is no extra charge for toll-free numbers.) There is no setup fee. You can send and receive faxes via e-mail or the web site. Special deal through Juny 31 2008: $7.88/month for the life of your account, with a 30-day free trial.
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Rated by 19 people. Reliability: 4.5. Cost: 5. Features: 4.6. Satisfaction: 4.6. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 5/16/2008]


TrustFax provides a toll-free number for incoming faxes, which are delivered to your e-mail box PDF format. You can send faxes via e-mail or the web. The Power User account costs $39.95 per year for 150 incoming or outgoing fax pages. (10 cents per page for additional.) The Pro User plan costs $9.95 per month for 125 incoming or outgoing pages per month. The Premium User plan costs $18.95 per month for 250 fax pages. There is a free 30-day trial for every type of account.
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Rated by 40 people. Reliability: 5. Cost: 5.8. Features: 5. Satisfaction: 5. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 2/16/2008]

FaxitNice [KEVIN'S PICK]

For occasional faxing, a prepaid FaxIt Credit account is a good deal with no monthly fees: 18 cents per page. $20 minimum pre-pay. For sending and receiving faxes, the Prepaid Basic plan lets you send and receive with a per-page fee (75 cents per page received on your toll-free number, 18 cents per page sent) and no monthly fee. For heavier users the $29.95/month FaxIt Elite plan lets you send/receive a total of 400 pages per month. You can transmit many common file formats, including Word, Excel, PDF, and RTF.
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Rated by 26 people. Reliability: 6.3. Cost: 6.5. Features: 5.8. Satisfaction: 6.2. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 8/28/2006]


MaxEmail, one of the oldest Internet fax services, lets you receive faxes and voicemail as e-mail attachments, and send faxes via e-mail or the web. The Lite version of the service has an annual fee of $24 (with a non-local fax number). The Plus version costs $84 a year, and includes a local number in your choice of cities or a toll-free number. They offer a 30-day free trial. Broadcast fax service is also available.
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Rated by 40 people. Reliability: 5.6. Cost: 5.2. Features: 4.4. Satisfaction: 5.6. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 3/20/2008]


The eFax Plus service provides a local or toll-free number which delivers incoming faxes to your e-mail account. This requires viewer software, which is available for Windows and MacOS 7.5-X. The service costs $16.95 per month. If you opt for a toll-free number, there is an additional fee of 20 cents per page. You can also send faxes: 10 cents per page to U.S. numbers. There is a 30-day free trial.

There's also a free service for receiving faxes only: you get a non-local phone number, and the company sends occasional advertisement faxes to free users. If you receive more than 20 fax pages in any month, eFax will suspend your account. If you do not upgrade to the Plus service at that time, your account will be terminated.

     Register for efax Plus
     Register for efax free
Rated by 180 people. Reliability: 3.8. Cost: 3.9. Features: 3.4. Satisfaction: 3.2. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 5/16/2008]


FaxPipe's email-to-fax service offers five plans suitable for medium to very low-volume users. On the high end, 900 combined incoming/outgoing pages for $36.95 month; on the low-volume side, $47.40 a year ($3.95/month) gets you 25 combined pages per month. You get a choice of toll-free or local number in your choice of 26 area codes.
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Rated by 7 people. Reliability: 6.9. Cost: 7. Features: 6.1. Satisfaction: 7. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 5/1/2008]


Callwave has two send/receive plans: the Basic plan allows 150 incoming/100 domestic outgoing pages for $9.95 per month. The Plus plan doubles those page counts for $12.95 month. $10 setup on all accounts.
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Rated by 81 people. Reliability: 5.7. Cost: 6.1. Features: 4.5. Satisfaction: 5.8. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 3/20/2008]


GreenFax (formerly IntelliFax) offers full-service internet-faxing solutions. Local fax numbers for receiving faxes are available in 100+ area codes. Inbound faxes forwarded via email in PDF or TIFF format. 60 day web storage of faxes. Secure (HIPAA-compliant) inbound faxing option available. Pricing is $12.95 per month, and includes local fax number plus 250 pages per month received. Rates for outbound faxing are 7 cents per minute (billed in six-second increments) for faxes to US/Canadian destinations. Corporate/high-volume plans available.
Rated by 13 people. Reliability: 5.9. Cost: 6. Features: 5.5. Satisfaction: 5.9. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 7/13/2007]


FAXAGE offers plans starting at $3.49. For $7.95 a month, you get 150 incoming/150 outgoing faxes with your choice of local and toll-free numbers. Higher-volume plans for virtually unlimited receive-only start from $19.95 per month and send/receive for $64.95 per month. There is a $5 setup fee for all account types. FAXAGE allows for multiple fax numbers per account and forwards faxes to as many email addresses as the user specifies. User management, status reporting, list faxing and other features are all provided via the web interface.
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Rated by 4 people. Reliability: 5. Cost: 5.8. Features: 4.5. Satisfaction: 5. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 2/16/2008]


FaxMicro's Plus plan lets you receive unlimited pages for $4.95 per month. Sending faxes costs 5 cents per page for U.S. destinations. Their Toll Free plan costs $9.95 per month, and adds a toll-free number for incoming faxes. Either way, there's a $10 setup fee.
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Rated by 18 people. Reliability: 2.2. Cost: 5.7. Features: 2.7. Satisfaction: 2.3. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 4/24/2006]


Send2Fax offers three faxing plans: the Small Business plan: $11.95/month for 200 total incoming/outgoing pages; Executive plan: $39.95/month for 500 combined pages; and Corporate plan: $79.95/month for 1000 pages.
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Rated by 13 people. Reliability: 4. Cost: 3.8. Features: 2.8. Satisfaction: 3.4. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 8/30/2007]


SRFax lets you send faxes via e-mail or the web, and provides a toll-free phone number for incoming faxes. The Lite plan lets you send 100/receive 300 pagesper month for $9.95 a month; the Small Business plan bumps it to 200 out/500 incoming pages for $15.95/month. There's a free 14-day trial, and discounted annual rates are avaiable. Several e-mail addresses can be authoized to send faxes: 3 for the Lite plan, 9 for the Business plan.
     Go to SRFax
Rated by 35 people. Reliability: 6.1. Cost: 6.5. Features: 6.5. Satisfaction: 6.5. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 2/8/2008]


These services allow you to send a fax using an application on your Internet-connected computer (rather than by accessing a Web page or sending e-mail.) You do not need a fax modem. These tools often let you send formatted, graphical faxes directly from your favorite applications.



Send from any Windows application and receive faxes in your email. ClickFax promises tight integration with Outlook, Access, Exchange, Excel, QuickBooks and more. Budget plans as low as $3.50/month. High-volume discounted plans as well.      Go to ClickFax Pro      
Rated by 39 people. Reliability: 3.7. Cost: 3.8. Features: 4. Satisfaction: 3.7. (Each out of 7.)
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Send faxes worldwide via PC software, e-mail, or the Web. 12 cents per page for U.S. destinations, with no sign up or monthly fees. New signups get $1 of free trail use. If you need to receive faxes too, a Pro account ($9 per month or $99 per year) provides an incoming fax line in your choice of many area codes. Faxes are delivered as TIFF or PDF files.
Go to Fax1
Rated by 43 people. Reliability: 5. Cost: 5.6. Features: 4.3. Satisfaction: 5. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 1/11/2008]

RingCentral [KEVIN'S PICK]

RingCentral Fax includes a toll-dree or local fax number to receive faxes by email web-based account. Receive fax alerts by cell phone. RingCentral Fax plans start at $7.99/month which includes 300 pages/month. 5.9 cents per additional page. Free Fax editing software included to sign/edit faxes electronically. The service is fully integrated with Microsoft Office so you can fax directly from Word or Excel by clicking fax icon on your toolbar. Billing plans include: Professional $14.99/mo (100min/5 free extensions), Plus $29.99/mo (500min/10 free extensions), Power $49.99/mo (1000 min/20 free extensions) and Premium $99.99/mo (2500 min/99 free extensions).
Rated by 15 people. Reliability: 4.1. Cost: 3.9. Features: 4. Satisfaction: 4. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 4/15/2007]

Concord Technologies

Concord supports fax from the desktop using WinFax Pro software (7 cents per page to U.S. and Canada plus a $4.95 monthly charge,) fax broadcasting, and e-mail delivery of incoming faxes. For receiving faxes and voicemail, there's the eReceive service, which costs $9.95 per month.
Rated by 6 people. Reliability: 5.7. Cost: 4.3. Features: 4.2. Satisfaction: 5.7. (Each out of 7.)
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[Verified 4/14/2006]


How to send an international fax? See
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This site has free fax cover sheets available for download.
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