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05/22/00- Updated 01:38 AM ET
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Veep guest stars in TV cartoon

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WASHINGTON (AP) - It wasn't the typical campaign-year cast: Vice President Al Gore, a one-eyed murderous seductress and a giant robot who sucked on cigarettes to ''calm the shakes'' and dismissed rivals with the line, ''Bite my colossal metal ... .''

A cartoon version of Gore guest-starred on Sunday night's season finale of the Fox show, Futurama,a TV favorite of the Democratic presidental candidate.

While his cartoon castmates flaunted potty-mouths, Gore, who led a band of ''action ranger nerds'' unsuccessful in saving the universe, spoke nothing saucier than a ''darn.''

As he and his fellow nerds settled down to while away eternity in some alternate universe playing Dungeons and Dragons, Gore boasted: ''I'm a 10th-level vice president!''

Some scenes and characters conflicted starkly with the anti-violence, anti-smoking and family-values themes of Gore's campaign. But campaign spokesman Chris Lehane said viewers shouldn't take the cartoon Gore too seriously.

''Most people who've seen the program take it in the right spirit - thats it's farcical - and recognize it for what it is, an entertainment cartoon,'' Lehane said.''

Gore's daughter, Kristin, who lives in Los Angeles, was recently hired as a comedy writer for the animated series. Producer David Cohen read that Futurama was one of the vice president's favorite shows and arranged for Gore to play himself in the season finale.

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