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Free Celebis on the way for Pokemaniacs

Itis still the most successful game series ever created, and this summer the crazy kids in the audience will have Pokemon Stadium 2 brought right to their door
Pokemon, in case you hadnit noticed, rock with enormous bells on. On the off-chance that the franchise could get even more popular, Nintendo is planning a very special treat indeed for the kids of Britain this summer.

Celebi, the most elusive Pokemon in history, has until this point only been made available once, at Tokyo Game Show last autumn. The shy creature simply does not exist in the game, so the only way to get your hands on it is to swap monsters with someone lucky enough to have one land on his Gold or Silver cartridge.Nintendo Europe is about to change all that. In a move likely to cause child riots across the nation, unlimited Celebis are going to be released in the UK. Like a whirlwind of Celebi joy, the Pokemon roadshow will ride, angel-like across the land. Designed to promote the imminent release of Pokemon Stadium 2 on N64, everyone turning up with either Gold or Silver on Game Boy Color will be given a Celebi. How cool is that?Youill also get the chance to get yourself the honoury title of "Nintendo Official Celebi Distributor". Awesome. All you have to do is turn up and take on the computer at Pokemon Stadium 2. The first 64 to qualify get a cartridge loaded with Celebis to give to their friends. Once all of them have been given out, youill have to take the cartridge back to Nintendo, after which youill be put into a draw. The prize? Nintendo wonit say what it is at the moment, but rest assured the winner will not forget it for a while.All you have to do is get down to any of the Toys eRi Us stores listed below. Good luck with the competition!August 23: Junction 17, M5 Cribbs Causeway, BRISTOL.August 24: Dale End City Centre, BIRMINGHAM.August 25: Junction 27, M62, Birstall Retail Park, LEEDS.August 27: Kingsway Retail Park, on Kingsway West, A90, DUNDEE.August 29: Opposite Brent Cross Shopping Centre, by Tesco, LONDON.



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