Nanjing Library




Nanjing Library in Brief

Nanjing Library is the Jiangsu provincial public library, as well as one of the first-class libraries named by the Culture Ministry. Established in 1907 it’s the earliest public library in China and served as the national central library during the Republic of China. So far, with its 8-million volume collection, NL ranks the third among Chinese libraries.

As a main storeroom for literary heritage of Jiangsu province and the whole country in large, NL houses more than 1.6 million ancient books, among which the most precious are 10,000 sets, i.e. 100,000 volumes of rare Chinese books almost covering the full timeline of book history, from Buddhist manuscripts of the Tang Dynasty 1,400 years ago to oldest prints of the Ming dynasty in the 14th century. Besides exclusive collection of documents of the Republic of China wins for NL high reputation from domestic and abroad.

In recent decades, NL has played significant role in the educational, cultural and economic prosperity of Jiangsu province by storing and providing free access to literary and information resources. Now inspired by the new opportunities brought about by globalization, new technologies and emerging information economy in the 21st century, it strives to push forward its modernization drive in full round, improve its information-based services and strengthen its human resource construction aiming at growing into a library which is first-grade in China and advanced in the world.



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