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PENTACERATOPS [piclink.gif]

(5 horned face) [ceropbkg.bmp]
FAMILY: Ceratopidae.
ERA: Late Cretaceous ( Campanian - Maastrichtian 83.5 - 65 Ma ).
SIZE: Length 6.8 m (22 ft). Height 2.5m (8 ft). Weight 4.9 tonnes.
LOCATION: North America.
FOSSILS: 8 complete or partial skulls, 1 complete and several partial skeletons.
COMMENTS: Pentaceratops had a large neck frill with a knobbly back edge that extended half way down its back. It had a large nose and eyebrow horns, and smaller cheekbone horns. Its body was relatively short and stubby, with a tail shorter than either Triceratops or Chasmosaurus. A new skull found in 1941 but only fully prepared in 1998 is up to 25% longer than previous examples, with a total length of more than 3m (10 ft).
P. sternbergii Osborn, 1923 (type) , that includes P. fenestratus Wiman, 1930 and Chasmosaurus sternbergi.

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