Auto Biography Introduction


My own memories of life with my biological family are very limited. Practically all I know was related to me many years later by an older sister who spent much of her life in a determined effort to reunite her family. Apparently, a county courthouse had burned down containing records. An orphanage had suffered the same fate. And state records were sealed. At any rate, my sister after some legal shenanigans was able to locate three other siblings and our mother in 1979. It is from her research that I am able to tell of early events in my life. Mt father, at least of record, seems to have been a drunk, a scoundrel and a low-life of the worst kind. He met and married my mother about 1934. He was an itinerant farm worker about 30 years old and she was an uneducated fifteen year old farm girl. In the next few years they had four children, my older brother, Roger, who was two years my senior, my older sister, Jane, who is one year older than I, and a younger sister, Judy. I was born on my mother's birthday. The date was November 2nd of 1938, a Wednesday(Woden's Day), and my place of birth was Woden, Iowa. Thus, I use the pen name Wodensson.

My father, particularly when drunk, was a truly despicable creature. He sold my mother to his buddies and to strangers for booze money. He beat the entire family, often with a razor strap. In 1942 the family was living in a room over a hardware store in Woden. With no wood for the stove which provided the only heat during cold northern Iowa winters, my brother Roger started a fire in the stove with available materials, including the razor strap. For this my father beat him so badly that he broke Roger's eardrums and he was deaf for the rest of his life. For this reason he was never adopted from the orphanage where we all ended up. He lived a tragic life. Still, he grew up to be a kind and caring man, the total opposite of our father. I became very fond of Roger after our reunion, as did our sister Jane. Roger was blown up and killed in a supposed accident during the trial of the Bruders Schweigen in Seattle after I had been warned by the Feds to "cooperate or else." Witnesses place Feds at the scene, but whether it was really an accident I doubt we shall ever know. My only memory of my mother is as a tall, severe woman who never smiled. I now know that she in fact was very short, but to a four year old all adults must seem tall. My father left his family about 1942. My mother tried to support us during these hard waning years of the depression by singing and playing guitar in a bar. But her income was nowhere near sufficient. What else she was forced to do, I do not know and do not want to know. After my father left he found another young girl to mistreat, and finally a brother of the new victim smashed his head in with a hammer, and Geerd went to wherever trash goes after death.

In the Spring of 1943 my brother was caught rummaging in a neighbor's trash can for potato peels with which he was supplying our family with food. This led to an investigation by county authorities and we children were placed in an orphanage. My mother traveled to California where she found work building Liberty ships for the great war to destroy the liberty of all men everywhere. But, of course, she had no knowledge of politics and like so many others of that era was just trying to survive. Eventually, she purchased a small home in Vallejo, California. But, first high taxes, then colored gangs combined to drive her out. Today, she lives in a public housing project where it is dangerous to step outside the door. My sister Jane is a dear lady who reared four children of her own. She now has health problems and I believe uses a wheelchair. She lives in Minnesota and has for most of her life. After she found me I told her much of the political realities of the world. For awhile she worked as a secretary at the Aryan Nations church in Idaho, but she is no longer involved in politics of any kind. My younger sister, Judy, is a sad tale on which I do not wish to dwell. She was raised to believe in the multi-racial nightmare of Judeo-America and Judeo-Christianity.

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