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EVE Fan Fest 2006
EVE Fan Fest 2006

Let us only hope the search never ends, that the Absolute Truth stays hidden forever. For if the search ends, we end.

Features: Combat





Adding a new dimension to space combat in EVE, Revelations 2.0 brings you Heat: the ability to overload starship modules for a temporary boost in performance, but at the risk of damaging the module.

Performance overloads are temporary attribute increases for selected active modules, covering everything from firepower and defenses to propulsion and electronics. While the benefits of overheating are specific to the module, the cost—heat buildup—is cumulative to the rack that the module resides in, which has a fixed heat dissipation rate.

Overheating a single module therefore risks damaging every other module that shares the same rack—low, medium, or high—and each module has a maximum number of hit points it can withstand before failing. Modules that succumb to heat become unusable during combat, but can be repaired when—or if—the ship makes it back to a station.

Anti-Fleet Warfare

Revelations II will introduce new tactics for dispersing large concentrations of ships. Motherships will be able to equip a Remote ECM Burst module that will jam the sensors of any ship within the effect radius of the target. Stealth bombers can be armed with six different AOE (area-of-effect) Bombs that damage everything—friend and foe alike—within their blast radius. In addition to the four primary damage types, two additional ordinance variants include capacitor draining and target lock breaking bombs. Carriers will be able to revert to triage mode, in which its logistic and defensive capabilities are greatly enhanced at the expense of nearly all of its firepower.


Structure Warfare Enhancements

Revelations II will significantly expand the opportunities for strategic operations between fixed structures in space by encouraging siege-type game play, enabling attrition warfare, providing tactical objectives for smaller attack forces, and improving the economic vitality of outposts. Specific game play element additions include:

Starbase Warfare

Starbase Structures

  • New Starbase Tactics. Factionalized Structures such as Serpentis Control Towers and Domination Autocannon Batteries, each with unique looks and bonus attributes; Energy Neutralizing Arrays that can drain capacitor reserves from attacking fleets; Scanner Arrays that perform localized scanning for the presence of ships; Jump Towers that allow players to jump instantaneously between starbases owned by the same corporation; Cynosural Field Generators that can quickly bring capital ships to the battlefield; and Cynosural Field Jammers to prevent them from coming in.

  • Exposed Starbase Assets. We are opening up the tactical opportunities for smaller attack groups by moving some starbase structures beyond the protective force field. All such eligible structures will receive significant hit point increases, which will include all firepower, electronic warfare, and scanning arrays; cynosural field jammers and generators; and jump bridge towers.

  • Improved Defenses. Structures can now be anchored when the host control tower is in reinforced mode, forcing attack groups to patrol the tower until it is destroyed while giving the owner a chance to recover from assaults. Most importantly, players will now get direct command of starbase weapons, allowing them to control individual assets such as turrets, missile batteries, and stasis webifiers.

Outpost Warfare

  • Targetable Outpost Services. Individual services offered by outposts are now vulnerable to precision strikes. Attacking players will see a list of “opportunity targets” in their overview as they approach these stations, each of which will have different hit point values depending on their importance. Services—including any jobs running at the time of attack—will become unavailable for outpost residents as they are destroyed, but can be restored once selective criteria are met.

Outpost Upgrades

Outpost Upgrades

  • Tiered Improvement Opportunities. Hierarchal “construction paths” for increasing the economic vitality of outposts will be implemented. These station improvements must be purchased as construction platforms, anchored at the outpost site, and supplied with the requisite materials. Once built, these upgrades are permanent, even if the outpost is lost. Possible improvements include the addition of office, factory, or research slots; increasing the efficiency of reprocessing and manufacturing facilities; or adding these services to the outpost. The upgrade level of the outpost determines the total number of improvements that can be made, the greatest of which are functions of race and sovereignty conditions.