98   "Under the Bridge"
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991)

Guitarist John Frusciante's tone is as naked as singer Anthony Kiedis' addiction memoir. But the moving parts in his chord patterns and the hurt in his flourishes are symphonic. He modeled the chorus on Joe Jackson's "In Every Dream Home (A Nightmare)," but when he locks in with the drums and bass, you can hear funk — the kind you always get in true blues.

"Under the Bridge" from Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Warner Bros.)

Red Hot Chili Peppers performing "Under the Bridge" Live

99   "Run Thru"
My Morning Jacket (2003)

Jim James and Johnny Quaid played the swaggering guitars on this Southern-gothic rave-up, with Skynyrd's heft and early Sabbath's slow-motion pace. And Two-Tone Tommy's thumping bass riff proved guitars don't get all the best licks. And when Carl Broemel replaced Quaid in 2004, "Run Thru" got heavier live — like "Free Bird" and "Kashmir" combined.

"Run Thru" from It Still Moves (ATO)

My Morning Jacket performing "Run Thru" live

100   "Vicarious"
Tool (2006)

This is as arty as new metal has ever gotten. Guitarist Adam Jones' cadmium-heavy riffs are mostly in 5/4 time (with a few extra rhythmic hiccups), and he batters away at them with inhuman precision. Even though it runs long at seven minutes, the song still became a crossover hit, peaking at Number Two on modern-rock radio.

"Vicarious" from 10,000 Days (Volcano II)

Tool performing "Vicarious" live


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