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Welcome to the online headquarters of the World Carfree Network, the hub of the global carfree movement. Worldcarfree.net is a clearinghouse of information from around the world on how to revitalise our towns and cities and create a sustainable future. In addition to serving the carfree movement, Worldcarfree.net offers resources for architects, planners, teachers/professors, students, decision-makers and engaged citizens.

To be held on June 16-20, with the theme "Rethinking Mobility, Rediscovering Proximity." Register or check out the exciting Programme!

The latest issue celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Carbusters. Featuring commemorative art from Andy Singer, alongside interviews with Jaime Lerner, Livebroadkast and Peter Styles, and articles on The Big Lemon, Curitiba and Carfree families. IMPORTANT: from 2008 the magazine and resource centre prices were updated, according to the changing currency rates. More information and new prices can be found at Carbusters.org>>
Municipalities from all over Europe are invited to express interest in co-operating to realise carfree model settlements in their area, demonstrating sustainable and liveable urban environments. Three of the responding municipalities will be selected by a jury of international experts to participate in this project.
Now there is help for your car-addicted friends in the U.K. Membership is only £9.95 per year; gift memberships available. The 12-month, 12-step programme is easy to follow, with weekly activities and monthly milestones. Includes the book 'Cutting Your Car Use', a 'Recovering Car Addict' bike sticker, and more.
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This blog promotes all the joys of carfree life in the USA and has a good set of links to sympathetic organisations and websites world wide. Bikehugging, a carfree national park, the end of the oil age, and tools for living a carfree life. It's all there waiting for you. check it out >>
Reminders of just how car-centric the world is today are everywhere, including two-year Johann's preschool classroom. The youngsters jangle toy car keys while singing about trouble starting the ignition. But Johann's family lives carfree. While the rest of the children recognise...
We're looking for young volunteers aged 18-30 to work in the network’s Prague office for a 12-month period through the European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme. The intern would have some flexibility on which projects to would work on, based on his/her skills, interest and experience. Applicants must have or find an officially approved EVS sending organisation. This is an ongoing opportunity.
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Eco-Tourism in Poland
Get away from cars with World Carfree Network member Civil Affairs Institute.
Free Films Online
Links to these can be found among our selection of Freesources - along with various articles, studies, statistics, thought pieces and other useful info.
Books, videos, t-shirts and more!

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