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The City of Calgary: Welcome to Calgary

Welcome to Calgary

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Calgary's crest

Calgary's official crest was created through a local contest and adopted in 1902. The upper third of the crest shows the setting sun above a mural crown (symbol of loyalty)  and the Rocky Mountains. The lower two-thirds bear the red cross of St. George and the Canadian maple leaf inset by a bull buffalo, all supported by a horse and steer. Below the shield are the Canadian maple leaf, the leek of Wales, the shamrock of Ireland, the rose of England and the thistle of Scotland.

On the scroll is Calgary's motto "Onward," with the dates of incorporation as a town (1884) and as a city (1894). Under the scroll are the Union Jack and the Red Ensign.

From 1902 to 1984, the official crest existed only in black and white. In 1984, an Alderman asked The City to develop the crest in full colour, using the original design approved in 1902.

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The City of Calgary crest

Calgary � Heart of the New West�

Calgary � Heart of the New West� is a brand used to promote Calgary to the world. The image is a stylized cowboy hat bringing to mind mountains, Chinook winds, and the Saddledome. The positioning line "Heart of the New West�" links Calgary's past, present and future in a powerful way, while speaking to Calgary's energy and spirit.   

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Calgary Heart of the New West

Calgary's flag

The design for The City's official flag was selected through a competition conducted by the Centennial of Incorporation Committee. The winning design, created by Yvonne Fritz and Gwin Clarke, was officially adopted by City Council in 1983.

The design incorporates a white hat and the stylized letter 'C,' symbolizing harmony among The City and the hospitality and spirit of its citizens. The letter 'C' brings to mind The City in its centennial year. Historically, this letter mark signifies the character, change, culture and charm synonymous with the Calgary community.
Official colours of red and white depict Calgary's lively development. The scarlet colouring of the Northwest Mounted Police uniform is captured in the brilliant red and white of the fields. This colour combination reflects Calgary's zesty hospitality and spirit.

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Calgary's flag

Calgary's song

Following a national contest held in 1986, City Council approved an original tune composed and written by Barry Bowman and Tom Loney. "Neighbours of the World" is the official song of Calgary. A recording is available from the Calgary Public Library.

This, this is the time
Here, here is the place to be
Stay, and set your spirit free
Come now, now, now, now

Let everyone know
Let everyone come to see
Our dreams turn into reality
A place for us to share

For we are neighbours of the world
A shining city we call Calgary
For we are neighbours of the world
A place for you, a place for me.

A new beginning for you
Treasure all the time you spend
Calgary is your journey's end
Come now, now, now, now

Hey, tell all the world
This, this is our finest year
You'll find your tomorrow's here
You'll find it here today

For we are neighbours of the world
A shining city we call Calgary
For we are neighbours of the world
A place for you, a place for me

Reach out, let's make a bridge
Take the hands of your brand-new friends
Share the feeling that never ends
We're neighbours of the world

Yes we are neighbours of the world
A shining city we call Calgary
For we are neighbours of the world
A place for you, a place for me

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Calgary's flower

In 1991, The City adopted the Red Pasque Flower (Anemone pulsatilla 'Rubra') as its official floral emblem. This flower is a fitting symbol for Calgary as it closely resembles the Prairie Crocus, growing wild in the Calgary area. Unlike the Prairie Crocus, the Red Pasque Flower has been hybridized and can be grown by local gardeners.

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Calgary's flower the Red Pasque flower

Calgary's sister cities

Reflecting the growing importance of international relations, The City of Calgary shares sister city status with six cities around the world. This status ensures mutually beneficial arrangements in areas such as culture, education, business, trade and investment. Calgary's sister cities are:

  • Quebec City, Quebec Canada � 1956
  • Jaipur, India � 1973
  • Daqing, China � 1985
  • Naucalpan, Mexico � 1994
  • Daejeon, Korea � 1996
  • Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A. � 1997
Calgary holds a symbolic key to the City of Naucalpan, Mexico
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Last Updated: September 12, 2006