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Life, The Universe and Almost Everything

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Thanks for visiting this Web Page. If you're DAFT you'll probably find something here that appeals to you. If you're a Pseudo-intellectual, you'll indubitably find several items of partial relevance and merit. If you're just a sort average type person with a vague interest in some things, you'll probably find this site's content "OK". So anyway…


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"If Television Killed the Art of Conversation, Perhaps the Internet will re-invent it?"

So here we all are, in Cyberspace, so they tell us and so what shall we talk about? Lots! Lots! Click away!


Jokes Galore!


Stars, Planets, Galaxies, Black Holes

Burning Issues!!

Political, Environmental and Other Issues (Free Energy??)

Films & TV

TV Reviews / Fave films etc

Mind Boggling / Paranormal

Stories of Ball Lightning, A Time "Slip" and other unusual anecdotes… not fictional!


Computing / Programming

Psion Shareware, Amiga Program, Programming notes etc

Sound Zone

Some sound effects from Cartoons, Star Trek, Black Adder etc

Land of The Ancients

A trip to Egypt

Interesting Downloads

Ed Butler (fellow UKONLINE User) has collected some interesting Downloads. Visit his site - today!

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Perhaps you can return the favour, no?