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History from 1997 to 1999 

The Centroliner
The congress of the international association of transport authorities (UITP) in Stuttgart was just the right setting for NEOPLAN to present its new Centroliner generation of low-floor buses. This represented the culmination of the company's almost 40 years' experience in the development of low-floor buses. The Centroliner was of course fitted with the latest technology, above all the Controller Area Network (CAN bus). Other advantages of the NEOPLAN Centroliner were improved protection against corrosion thanks to the stainless-steel floor assembly and the new width of 2.55 m. The standardised units in the modular concept made it possible to offer a whole range of variants – individually designed, efficiently and at low cost. At the IAA 2002, the new generation of Centroliner started series production with a 11.75-m long articulated body.

The Euroliner
"Destination future" – the ideal motto to show the new combination bus range at the IAA in 1998. This bus was truly future-orientated in its ifittings: CAN bus, a stainless-steel floor assembly to protect against corrosion and integral front, rear and roof. These are just some delights of the Euroliner, which makes do with a slender width of only 2.55 m. Its platform concept with standardised units meant that numerous variants could be produced at favourable cost. The Euroliner is available in five lengths, two heights and three floor heights. The wide range of fittings makes this successor to the Transliner a pioneer in many respects.
The Starliner was voted "Bus of the Year" for the first time by the trade magazine "Lastauto Omnibus".
The Starliner wins the coveted "Bus of the Year" award for the second time awarded by the publishers ETM-Verlag.

"Coach of the Year 2000" logo
An international jury awarded the title of "Coach of the Year 2000" to the Starliner in Brighton. The 500th Starliner was delivered in July.
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