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Gaah, turn the title down! That's way too loud! Bet you're glad I didn't put a looping 1KHz GLITS tone on as a background sound file.

Anyway, there's now so much test card stuff on this site that I decided to "move" it all to a new sub-section. So, whaddawegot?

Test Card Memory Lane Last update 17/01/2004

A selection of test cards and similar patterns transmitted by UK television channels from the 1970s onward, plus a few from Europe.

Test Card Maker Version 5.11 - 28/03/2004

Free software allowing you to design your own test cards and related patterns. You can even use it to make simple, neat captions if you want.

Test Card Definition Resource Last update 28/04/2006

TCD files for use with FML Test Card Maker

Vintage Australian Test Cards Added 28/04/2006

And a couple of idents too. Supplied by Richard Carden of Brisbane - many thanks.

Test Card Links

A list of websites related to test cards and other presentation devices now follows. Why not Google for "test card"? Because you get a load of naff about DSS test cards, which are something else, and in any case the site might refer only to "test patterns" or even "Testbilder". So here we go with a nice millstone of link-farm-maintenance around my neck...

MHP Test Card Gallery Detailed history of UK Test Cards and tuning signals.
RTTS Test Card Gallery Test Cards received via DX in the Netherlands, plus some historical Dutch cards.
Pembers Not only loads of screencaps but also tons of technical information, really useful. Also has subsites about 405-line, Teletext, and world TV standards.
Barney Wol AKA Peter Vince - he worked with the BBC Research Department on test cards, and has a sub-site full of related details.
The Flash Files Recreations of test cards, station idents and clocks using Flash.
The Telly Years BBC TV and Radio 1 schedules sampled from years gone by.
sub-TV Schools Bumper crop of UK schools TV presentation in sound and vision.
The Test Card Circle Loads of info about Trade Tests, especially the accompanying music.
Video Test Signals New model colourbars, development of Test Card W, the 1980s digitisation of Test Card F and much more
Classic BBC Assorted BBC images from yesteryear including downloadable TCFs.
Vintage Broadcasting A fair few rarities including Channel Four tests and an IBA Engineering April Fool.
ITV1 Digital Tests A comprehensive round-up from sub-TV.


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