Sweet Home

Sweet Home This 1989 Japan-only Nintendo Entertainment System title (or as they call it, the Famicom) is little-known by developers on this side of the Atlantic, but laid the groundwork for many of the concepts that later Survival Horror games would imitate. Developed and published by Capcom, who would later breathe new life into the genre with Resident Evil, the game follows a team of five investigators who travel to the home of Mamiya Ichirou to photograph works of art left behind on the walls. However, they soon find out that this is no mere art gallery, as the ramshackle mansion is inhabited not only by Ichirou's ghost, but by even more horrifying creatures. With the doors to the mansion locked behind them, can the team solve the riddles of the underworld and escape with their lives? Sweet Home establishes many design concepts that would later resurface in Resident Evil, including the mansion setting and even the "opening door" loading screen. Controlling one of the five characters, who can be switched between at any time, the player must unravel tricky puzzles, battle haunts, and reach one of five different endings. In a unique twist, when a character in dies, they're lost forever, along with their special skill, so players must proceed cautiously through the mansion's huge environments. As you proceed, you'll learn the truth of the hauntings of Mamiya Mansion, learning about Ichiro's lost children, how they were disposed of, and what they must do to lift the curse. In an interesting bit of synergy, a film version of Sweet Home was also released in 1989, and the plot of the game and the movie are virtually identical, even down to some of the puzzles the party must solve.

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