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Over 70% of Taiwanese parents send kids to English bushibans

September 2, 2005

The emphasis placed on education under the Confucian tradition in Taiwan remains strong, as a new survey shows that 72.6% of parents in Taiwan have their primary school and junior high school children attend English language bushibans after school. While some kids may find this extra schooling a burden on top of their normal studies, this trend bodes well for Taiwan's globalization efforts.

While English classes are by far the most popular bushiban subjects, the survey, conducted by 104 Job Bank's 104, reveals that mathematics and art and music are the next most preferred classes, with 41.1% of parent sending their children to math classes and 28.9% signing their kids up for art or music lessons.

The database of 104 shows that, among primary schools students, Chinese reading classes are the most popular bushiban classes, with 30% of these kids attending such classes after school, followed by English (25%), piano (15%) and art (6%). As for junior high school students, 49% go to math bushibans, followed by English (29%), general studies (10%) and Chinese composition (8%).

104 says its database shows there is also an increasing trend of seeing out home tutors to help improve the Chinese writing skills of their children.

(Central News Agency)

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