Single: Valentine
Artist: The Delays
2006 Rough Trade

Additional musicians:
Trevor Horn: additional vocals (1)

Produced by Graham Sutton (1), Justin Callaway & Delays (2)
Additional production by Trevor Horn (1)
Recorded by Sutton (1)
Mixed by Horn (1), Callaway (2)
Additional remix by Sutton (1)

Original artwork concept: Paul Burgess
Layout: Jeff Teader

1. Valentine [G Gilbert/A Gilbert] (3:55)
2. Someday Soon You're Gonna Happen [G Gilbert/C Fox] (3:24)

(1) arranged by Trevor Horn

Notes: (*****) Their are two alternate versions of this single: RTRADSCDX265 has b-sides of "Shadows on Our School", "Valentine (Freeform 5 Remix)" and a video for "Valentine"; the 7" RTRADS265 has several b-sides including "Talking Me Down". "Valentine" comes from the album You See Colours (RTRAD214, released 2006), although this is a shorter version (and better in my opinion) than on the album. The song represents Horn's only contribution; the album is produced by Graham Sutton. Delays includs Greg Gilbert on vocals (notable for his use of falsetto) and his brother Aaron Gilbert on keys and programming.

"Valentine" is a fantastic up-tempo number. G Gilbert wrote the lyrics while in a hurricane. I confess I cannot make out Horn's additional vocals. (HP, 8 Mar 06; updated 28 May 06)

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