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PS3 tops Wii in Japan... AGAIN

Sony comes out on top for a second week running
It came as quite a surprise when sales figures released last week revealed that PS3 had outsold Wii in Nintendo-crazed Japan, and it's gone and done it again.

Figures for the week ending November 18 places the PS3 almost 20,000 units ahead of Wii, with PS3 selling 53,000 consoles, Wii shifting 36,000. This is despite the fact that Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles released last week and entered the software charts and number two, with 105,000 sales.

DS still tops the hardware list, with 81,000, boosted slightly by the release of Mario Party DS which topped the software charts with 115,000 sales. PSP's return to form is ongoing, as Sony manages to flog 66,000 of those.

Xbox 360 expectedly struggled to pass the 5,000 mark, which put it behind even the PS2, which managed 8,800 sales, according to the figures compiled by Japanese magazine publisher, Enterbrain (via Famitsu).

Sony boss, Howard Stringer, said recently that PS3's recent fortune "was planned by the PlayStation group."

Well planned.