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Last update January, 2008
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The Centraide Foundation, the Montreal YMCA Foundation, the Red Feather Foundation, the Foundation of Catholic Community Services, the Fondation du Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, and the Fondation Jean Duceppe are among the organizations that have joined in partnership with the FGM. Their representatives share the reasons for entering into this partnership.

Centraide Foundation

"Centraide of Greater Montreal and the Centraide Foundation signed agreements with the Foundation of Greater Montreal to ensure collaboration between the two organizations. Centraide felt it was important for Greater Montreal to have a new tool that would enable it to raise permanent funds from which revenues could be used to respond to needs in all sectors of our community."

Michèle Thibodeau-DeGuire, President & Executive Director, Centraide of Greater Montreal

Red Feather Foundation

"The Red Feather Foundation’s support of the Foundation of Greater Montreal is very much in keeping with our history and charitable tradition. As a leading Centraide partner, we have always supported social services for Montreal’s anglophone population. By creating an endowment fund in the social field, we are ensuring that our name will live on, especially since Red Feather has played a key role in Montreal’s philanthropic history. In entrusting the management of a portion of our permanent funds to the Foundation of Greater Montreal, we wish to do our part for Montreal’s future."

Sheila Goldbloom, President, Red Feather Foundation

Montreal YMCA Foundation

"Given the role of the Montreal YMCA in the region, it seemed completely natural to lend our support to the implementation of this new tool to assist the people of Greater Montreal. In exchange, the Foundation of Greater Montreal will enable the YMCA to reduce its capital management costs, thereby increasing the amounts paid out every year in support of various causes."

Claude Garcia, Chairman of the Board, and Marcel Côté, President, Montreal YMCA Foundation

Foundation of Catholic Community Services

"We were impressed with the FGM’s team of professionals, including top investment counsellors. By pooling our assets with those of the FGM, we can look forward to improved results at lower costs, and improve our services to the community as a result."

George Lackenbauer, President, Foundation of Catholic Community Services

Fondation du Théâtre du Nouveau Monde

"The TNM, one of the largest francophone theatrical institutions in North America, has contributed to Montreal’s cultural development for over fifty years. This innovative institution was the first in the arts community to entrust the FGM with a permanent endowment fund. This fund generates additional annual revenues that support the TNM’s creative and development activities. Our partnership with the FGM is part of a process of growth undertaken in recent years by the TNM."

Lorraine Pintal, General and Artistic Director, Théâtre du Nouveau Monde

Fondation Jean Duceppe

"The Fondation Jean Duceppe’s endowment fund ensures the long-term survival of the theatre company founded nearly thirty years ago by my father, an actor whose social and cultural commitments have left a lasting legacy in Quebec. It is thus natural that we work closely with the Foundation of Greater Montreal, whose mission is to ensure a brighter future for an ever-evolving community"

Louise Duceppe, General Director, Compagnie Jean Duceppe

The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

"For the first three years, the revenues from this fund will support the FGM’s operations. Thereafter the fund will become a fund for distribution to assist registered charities. This fund was created in full confidence that the FGM will grow and fulfill our hope that it become a locus of leadership for the Montreal community in all its diversity and vitality."

Tim Brodhead, President and CEO, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon

"It is in the best interests of the Montreal community that the Foundation of Greater Montreal become a focal point for donors who want their gifts managed soundly and allocated wisely. This is the main reason we chose to support the FGM itself initially. After that, our fund will be dedicated to the prevention of illness and poverty."

André Chagnon, Chairman of the Board, Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon

Order of Saint John Foundation

"In 2003, St. John Ambulance celebrates 120 years in Canada—120 years of improving people’s health, safety and quality of life. We decided to celebrate by creating an endowment fund with the Foundation of Greater Montreal. This fund will ensure our long-term survival and will help support our 3,000 first aid volunteers in Quebec. Because the fund builds on the planned donations we transfer to our fund and keeps our administration costs as low as possible, the FGM helps us in our mission to save lives."

Jawaid Khan, President, Order of Saint John Foundation

West Island Palliative Care Service

"Our organization was created to accompany people with terminal illnesses during their last days. We provide for their physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs, in the dignity and comfort of their community. We also offer support for family members. To secure our future, we needed to think long-term. The Foundation of Greater Montreal gave us valuable advice on setting up an endowment fund that was perfectly adapted to our needs and situation. We can now encourage planned giving to build the fund’s permanent capital base and better serve our patients."

Russell Williams, fundraising committee chairman; Co-Founder, West Island Palliative Care Service

"The Foundation of Greater Montreal is extraordinary because it makes philanthropy more accessible, whatever one’s means or cause. It is also a centre of expertise, where donors can create a permanent endowment without the administrative burden; I like the idea that my gift will endure without my having to worry about day-to-day management. I also like the wide range of options that the community endowment fund provides. Quality of life rests not only on the fulfillment of basic needs, but also on responding to other community priorities such as the promotion of culture and protection of the environment."

Michael Novak

"I see the Foundation of Greater Montreal as an antenna that takes the pulse of society. The FGM’s responsive decision-making structure allows it to meet the community’s constantly evolving needs as they arise. It has also attracted the kind of people who have gained the trust of both the community and the financial sector. I am convinced that contributing to the FGM is the best way to improve the community’s quality of life ."

Peter J. Malouf