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Real problems for real people

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Section28: Lobby poster

Manchester City Council carried out a major programme of briefings to make sure that staff knew that Section 28 didn't stop them providing Council services to lesbian and gay residents.

The Council also produced pamphlets for staff in the Education and Social Services Departments with the theme of what staff could still do despite Section 28. The fun was all in a good cause. Section 28 caused real problems for real people in their workplaces and in schools.

Section28: Sex education leaflet

Sex Education: Playground or Classroom: a paper for school governors, produced by NWCLGE, June 1989.

Section28: Hackney leaflet

Stunts, Distortions and Downright Lies: Lesbian and Gay Action's account of first steps to end discrimination against lesbians and gays in Education.

Section28: Manchester City Council leaflet

Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988: a Guide for Workers in the Education Service, produced by Manchester City Council, May 1992.

Section28: Lesbian harassment leaflet

Lesbians in the Greater Manchester Lesbian and Gay Policing Initiative (GMLGPI), a lesbian and gay community led group, carried out a survey of lesbians' experiences of violence and harassment. With the help of the City Council and the police, GMLGPI produced this report of the results.

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LGBT Source Guide

An introduction to archive and printed material held at Manchester Archives and Local Studies and elsewhere relating to the history of Manchester's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community.

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