April 3, 2008

A New Day for N-Gage
N-Gage leads the way to the next generation of mobile gaming.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that N-Gage Go Live is here!
The full release of the N-Gage application is now available for download. With the N-Gage application you can download game trials, chat with friends, recommend and review titles, and track your progress, rankings, and high scores.
Our new website is also up and running, and we hope you appreciate the many changes and improvements we have added.
You can now purchase games on the web as well as the device, we have launched a complete Support section, and login and registration for the Arena Forums has returned.
Swing by the Arena Community section to visit the new Events Calendar, or visit the Showroom to download new game trials and read Player reviews. Then be sure to select your country after you login, so you will be presented content that is customized, localized, and relevant to you. And of course, be sure to bookmark our blog for all the latest, greatest N-Gage news.
Finally, if you participated in N-Gage First Access, there are a few key points to remember:
  • We are no longer supporting the pre-release version of the N-Gage application Please upgrade to the full release version of the N-Gage application.
  • The Player Name and password you created for First Access will not be valid for full rollout, unless they were the same as your existing Player Name and password on the Arena forums.
  • Game licenses you purchased during First Access will carry over into the commercial launch, but you will need to install the new version of the N-Gage application and re-install the games.
  • Saved games, Point Pickups, and N-Gage Points accrued will be reset, to give everyone a fresh start.
Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!