Changes List

30319, changes since 30206
new server option, minimum distance for deployables from Enemy flag
new server option, turn of flag distance check for deployables - so any items can be deployed closer to flags
fixed potential bug when deploying items near flags which would allow it in specific conditions
fixed railgun ammo problem
added current mission time limit to ESC menu so you see it before starting a "change time limit" vote
any item can easily be banned on a per-map basis by mappers, packs, weapons, mines, grens, modules, deployables etc
fixed an issue of the flag sticking to the bounds grid when you fly through it, now bounces back into mission area properly
fixed laser pointer stuck on using heavy weapon packs bug, though can not follow those projectiles anymore
fixed RandomTeams feature, will randomly pick people and put them on random team every X mission
changed mission over Score screen to fit 800x600 better and colour coded for easier viewing
vehicle pad stations are now affected by repair grenades and engineer repairing touch
Forcewalls give "can not be repaired" message since they can't be anyway and prevented related console error
removed fade effects from deployed Vehicle Teleport Pads to prevent invisibility exploit in HERCs teleported
Shrike rolls more when turning and is more maneuverable in the air

admins can choose to make airbases have no walls in ShifterConfig.cs with $Shifter::AirbaseWalls = 0;
admins can allow vehicles to teleport with flags in ShifterConfig.cs with $Shifter::VehicleTeleportFlag = 1; this was previously allowed but has been prevented by default so there is no possible way to teleport with a flag
admins can toggle server models via console command ~ commandtoserver('Serverside', 1); to make serverside OR commandtoserver('Serverside', 0); to make clientside vehicles version
superadmins/admins can toggle chem/luker enemy telepad use commandtoserver('ToggleChemTelepad', 1);
admins can set starting map via console command ~ commandtoserver('SetMap', Katabatic);
new server command, type commandtoserver('ToggleBots', X); to turn off/set limit as admin/SA, X = 0 or any number up to 16
new server command, type commandtoserver('FairTeams', X); to toggle as admin/SA, X = 1 or 0
new server command, type commandtoserver('RandomTeams', X); to toggle as admin/SA, X = 1 or 0
new server command, type commandtoserver('Bioderms', X); to toggle as admin/SA, X = 1 or 0

Telepack pucks weaker, can not create within 20m of flags, wont teleport players so high above the pucks anymore
chemeleon / lurker is now unable to swap to dread/leviathan or jugg/behemoth class at enemy inventory stations
players carrying flag is now unable to teleport to vehicles on purchase (prevents Chem using enemy pads and teleporting after quick grab on Katabatic)
reduced equalizer and vapour gun a little
napalm mortars reduced radius and arming time a little so you have a chance to dodge
engineer repair gun a little tiny bit slower on objects
ravager direct damage increased again, less blast radius

added EMP grenades, EMP mines and Ravager to Goliath loadout
added new large turret barrel, "Anti-Vehicle ELF" which is a 200m range beam that only targets vehicles and 100% heat fast energy drain to use in tandem with other turrets against the strong shifter vehicles
added new weapon option, "Blaster Ricochet mode" for standard blaster, these green blaster bolts will bounce around longer, travel slower, do less damage, requires more energy and is slightly innacurate
added EMP mode to Laser Rifle, requires 100% energy to fire and 1 EMP grenade, strikes target with lingering EMP
added Power Charger mode to Laser Rifle, requires a Whiteout Grenade to fire, gives a quick burst of energy so you can fire second shot much quicker
added Item Destroyer mode to Railgun, requires an AP grenade and does high damage to items for sniping equip long range
added Satellite Strike (stay still and target area) and Glowstick (a flashlight for dark areas) options to Laser Targeter

changed arbitor beacon, they also get an EMP boost when it is used
changed/fixed damaging emplacement/airbase/deployable vehicle pad - floor and roof will cause damage to the power generator
bug related to gravitron(gravity repluse/attract) against deployed MPB/HERC/Jeeps spinning into the air fixed
fixed shockwaves on vehicles problems, potential shocklance vs deployed vehicles and shockwave gun bugs
added "no score" mode on request, no personal scores occur, if $Shifter::NoPersonalScores = 1 or emplacements are set to 4 walled AND unlimited emplacements then NO SCORE is in effect
added option to disable passenger shielding in vehicles
fixed some datablock bugs on joining and some impulse problems

Condor can now transport any ground vehicle like it did with the HERC in previous version
new server option, Gravitron "Grapple" mode is back - pulls you toward objects
new server option, "Horizontal" Pack Option for Blast Walls and Large Blast Walls
new server option, to change respawn time in ShifterConfig.cs ($Shifter::RespawnDelay), mainly for mappers
new server option, to use Spawn groups, which makes people respawn in squads, mainly for mappers
Arbitor Teleport Pack now allows teleporting to last telepuck after respawn, max 500m
Satchel will not give incorrect dropped detpack message when player dies after deploying satchel
Fixed an error with Scout Stims overdose and wearing off effects

server option, Admins can sucessfully disable cloaked shrike modules with weapons modules stacked

Condor Cargo can pick up a herc and drop it off (of your own team)

amount of vehicles remaining shown next to vehicle name in vehicle stations
disabled part of the morph indoor checking code, it wont stop users activating near interiors unless they are "enclosed" now
Server Option to allow players to leave the mission area (for those Bombers hunting Gravbikes)
Voice Pack taunts are sent to players who have used a voice pack taunt, saves bandwidth too
Deployable Generator will only power own team items, default is 3, mappers can set limit to 4 or less if needed, gains and loses power too

Herc Test 4
Shifter Client script updated for reticles - only the 100kb script is needed, no new shapes
Nuke Bounce reduced
Nuke now looks better
Ravager balanced
Godhammer projectile spread reduced when missiles not locked
Cyclone Launcher energy drain up a bit and damage down for cyclone missiles
Frag mortars and others like it redone so they don't shoot out at mach5 and explode in a millisecond, slower and are more reliable now so they wont go through thin walls
Lazcannon balanced and unlimited fire bug sorted
Shockmine carry capacity reduced, shockmine health reduced
Shockmine damage to your rear reduced from x3 to x2.5
Fixed the armour selection problem when in obs/dead mode
Improved loadouts a bit, so when a base player picks Assault favs they get Merc armour (instead of light female)
Upped the heavy aircraft shields and movement power a little.
Added Rocket damage type (since everyone loves it so much) and added rocket death messages. (this means that rockets are not considered to be missiles when they hit a target, but they still have the same damage ratios)
Repair Beacons now only repair damaged objects and only wear out after repairing a certain amount of damage (shifterconfig.cs factor needs to be changed)
removed some errors when repair grenades repair permanent forcefields - made it not repair on item with no damage or damage level! (might save cpu)
Flamer had plasma damagetype by mistake
wraith fighter turbograv less body friction to bounce off ground easier when colliding
railgun bullet trail changed for fps
worked on a morph(flight) pack explosion bug, jump off close to wall and change resulted in explosion
duplicate detpack datablocks removed, 20
large deployable turret barrel can be set before deloying, use "[S] Pack Options" key, any non-plasma barrel causes a power activation delay of 5 seconds (no turret power)
large deployable turrets are disabled at 90% damage (was 100%)
another telepad flag exploit, prevented.
incorporated the 25026 serverside weapon reticle code and removed clientside reticle code from ShifterClient.cs (not required download, can get this file by itself if you want)
Deployable Generator (powers items in 40m radius) can no longer be placed so close to flag
BlastWall and LargeWall wider
Forcefield with gen is wider and not as tall, will stretch to meet roof up to 2x height
Shockwall thinner
ForceWall returned, resized and re-graphiced to reduce FPS degradation when it is layered
ForceWall will stretch up to 30m to reach a roof, otherwise 10m tall, 15m wide
Shrikes have Bomber, Napalm and Vortex modules again, but takes more energy to fire than wraith (bad energy converters).
Laser Turret and Large Deployable turret limits depend on team numbers, 1 turret per 2 on each team
Reduced default limits on amount of maximum mines of each type (Shock, Laser, Sticy, Standard, EMP, Lightning, Poison, Shockwave) all these plus deployables and everything adds up to = lag and maybe crashing
changed code so that directfire weapons can damage forcefields - heatergun could not previously damage a forcefield
increased damagelevels for forcewall and shockfield, made forcefield gen wall able to take more damage (forcewalls do damage to their power beacon, but only when the energy has been reduced from damage, it recharges slowy and is 0 on deploy)
devistator, nuke, gib cannon, plasmcannon, sludgecannon uses 100% energy when fired
vehicle timeout can now be set by admins, default 60 seconds (only when last pilot dies, vehicle will vanish after timeout) - should prevent some crashing when 20 vehicles lay around the map for 4 hours
wheeled vehicles and HERCs will not be affected by shockwave effects at all, no swaying etc
fixed an error when jugger purchases ammopack (may stop lots of bot spam too ?)
added extra ammo for Equalizer to AmmoPack
Napalm heavy mortars arm and explode quicker, intended to be anti-personnel
Teleport to vehicle on purchase works for all vehicles now (makes buying them at airbases much easier)
Possibly fixed laser a rare bug where Target Laser gets stuck on
Railgun and Equalizer gets extra ammo from Ammopack (doh!)
Plastiques have deployed amount limit, reduced carrying capacity a bit too
Deployable Generators now add to extra vehicles allowed (instead of airbase, emplacement and vehicle pad) 1 gen allows more weak vehicles (light grav, shrike etc), 2 gens adds more medium (grav tank, bomber etc, 3 gens adds heavy vehicles (griffon, carnivore, wheeled tank etc) and 4th gen adds herc
Deployable Generator Pack shape changed to a crate, Deployable Generator Pack Icon added
Collossus Mobile Point Gun fires faster - a volley of shells
Redid the Telepad effects, pad is dark when off, much nicer sequences etc
Deployable Vehicle Pad creation disc shows power state
Assassin Shocktouch beacons fixed up, they used to be used up in weird situations
added, players get knocked around from being rammed by other players (boost into someone and they get pushed)
added, vehicles take damage from ramming players at high speeds (ram a heavy in your shrike and you take a hit)
added, 0.5 second server delay to most collisions - maybe this will save lag and cpu too, if inaccuracy occurs it willbe reduced or removed

HERC Destroyer MECH added
Engineer Energy Pool reduced
Goliath Energy Pool reduced a tiny bit
Laser Turret does less damage
Poison does less damage to shielded targets
Assassin beacon has 1 second delay between uses
Scout gets Morph (flight pack)
- Server option, Scout ammo pack has 1 less health and beacon
Scout beacon/stim wont heal, less energy during stim
Chem cloak beacon wont work with Morph
Zones checked and finalised for mappers (included in 4 example maps)
Merc gets Boomstick
Reduced Telepack "teleport back to puck" delay
Removed delay from Merc Beacon booster and Booster Pack
Booster Pack & Merc Booster exhaust reworked, no server lag, no weird backfire noises, no shimmy, no delay
Vehicle Booster Module reworked, same as booster pack
Morph pack delay reduced to 5 seconds, Morph Turbo more effective, Morph weaker
Morph dismount in flyer mode drains as much energy as Grav Bike mode
Morph can not be thrown while it is in use (was a bug, it created two)
Morph Exhaust effects added so we can see them in the sky (a bit of a hack, but it works nicely)
Engineer Gun will stop if you point it away from objects
Thumper can wear out over time like Repair Beacon and Shield Beacon as a server option (default 10 minute default for all 3)
MDM delay reduced by 0.45 seconds, heavy mortar reload reduced, MDM energy drain reduced 10%
Fixed MDM duds on standard mortar types
Airbases, Emplacement, Vpad deployable health levels cleaned up.
Cyclone launcher only fires the amount of missiles it has energy for
Blowing up plastiques early causes them to do less damage
Shotgun not so powerful
Engineer Railgun Ammo increased

changes 0999
Tournament Voting off/on fixed
Reset Server as admin fixed
Shockwaving flag millions on miles toned down somewhat, flag also slides and acts properly again
Chem wont decloak when firing
Changed arbitor code again to see if this new combo will stop permanent cloaking
Server Admins can choose 3 or 4 walled emaplacements, Repair / Shield beacons wear out over time, Repair / Shield beacon strength, Repair / Shield Beacon affects players, items or both
Scout stim overdose chance increased by 2%

changes 0998
More compatibility with 25026, less lag

changes 0997
EngineerHUD compatibility with shifter fixed
Compatibility with 25026 T2 patch, disabled Team Rabbit 2

arbitor permanent cloak and chameleon permanent cloak exploits possibly prevented
godhammer endless loop bug after client disconnects while firing fixed (caused mondo lag)
self kill particlegun deathmessages added
made sure the turrets on the Griffon, Carnivore, Collosus etc all fade in when it is acquired from Vehicle Stations
Griffon not considered a player when trying to replace it on Vehicle Pads ("Can't create vehicle, player is on the vehicle pad" problem)
Flamer Turret death messages added, and nuke, Hvyplasma and Hvydevistator turret too
Disassembler should work a bit better and not be successful unless 100% complete
Disassembling also works on Arbitor beacon, Force Field Generator, landspike, vehicle telepad
Gravidson heavy gravbike has more grunt to climb hills with a fatboy rider
fixed a server console error when client dies without backpack
fixed a server console error when flare beacon is destroyed
Shifter Client 2.8 - added backpack icon for flare beacon pack and some others, changed a few icons around, added updated support.vl2
updated some beacon destruction code

changes 099
Juggs require appropriate pack to Charge
removed server errors from, suicide, impulse weapons hitting interiors, AAPC blowing up,
removed login error messages, getstate, getname, getdatablock
Added Condor, morph, caterpillar, Carnivore and Wolverine red seat dot icons and hud images
fixed griffon and Havok reversed right side seat icons
assassin poison touch does not stack
Scout Stim curing moved from normal repair kits to heavy repair kits, Heat goes up a bit faster
Removing some server errors made some weapons do no damage - so had to try a different approach
Collusus, MGP constant fire exploit removed
Halved heatergun rate of fire, halved ammo, doubled heat build-up per shot, +50% damage - to reduce server lag
Chem unable to use morphbike fixed
Turning off Console.log now really turns it off, so you wont have a 10 meg log file after a few days
Can poison a juggernaut (and others) through shields
fixed Airbase stations, vstation from appearing on team0 list for everyone to spy on your emplacement deployments
Shield Beacons - less CPU use, reshields radius every 5 seconds (rather than every 2)
Repair Beacon - less CPU use, repairs radius every 4 seconds (rather than every 2 seconds)
Poison and EMP check times changed to every 2 seconds (from 1) and doubled effects to save CPU
Detpack limit 15 (into Heavy weapons beacons pool)
Nuke and Gib Cannon limits dropped to 10
Plasma bullet explosion visual reduced to save fps
boomstick sparks reduced to save fps
Chem weight reduced from 110 to 105
ShockwaveGun has 10% chance of knocking off a pack and 10% for weapon
sludgegun, gibcannon, devistator, plasma, chaingun, blastermodule, vaporgun, disc particle visual optimised to save FPS/lag
Removed a lingering Laser Targetter object bug which caused little invisible things left around the place for repair beacons to work on etc - just piled up junk in servers
Fixed locking onto own team repair beacon and no name tag showing it's health
New server option - Repair and Shield beacons can wear out, the more they repair and shield the quicker they wear our - 10 items will take about 3 minutes to wear out the beacon at default setting, OFF by default
Base Power Down No Favs now spawns as Engineer default so you can get your base back when this server option is on.
Random missions now have a spread value in Shifter/Prefs/ServerConfig.cs - this will allow your random missions to skip more at a time per missionload
elf gun uses more energy
Plasmacannon, minibolts now cause damage (main bolt less damage, all little sub bolts now cause damage), Dev cannon becomes the main direct fire weapon
Godhammer can overheat and cause overload which will also reduce a Heavy Weapon Beacon, limit 15 (into Heavy weapons)
underwater plasma turret, vulcan bullet a bit faster
Carnivore Turret and Vulcan deathmessages added for uncontrolled MPB, Turret and Wolverine mounted versions
Disassembling nothing no longer causes console error messages
Bots getting items from invos causes less error spam
Bots buy different armours now, default as Engineer
Gravitron range reduced
Reduced Engineer Gun spam when hacking own team objects
Bioderm gets Godhammer - Gib Cannon Replaces Human Nuke, Sludge Cannon replaces human Plasma Cannon, Devistator and Godhammer for both, Devistator is the best direct fire weapon Vs emplacements
Nuke explosions are 1m higher to make sure they don't get muffled by the terrain
Napalm self kill messages added
Heavies using Vehicle Telepads will throw flag
Teleport above emplacement and Vehicle Pad on deploy
Teleport to Vehicle seat after acquiring vehicle like base - set by player pref as usual
Goliath reduced Bouncer grenades from 8 to 4
Scout added FlareBeaconPack
Chem added JammerBeacon, Accelerator
Assassin added InventoryDeployable, ArbitorBeacon
Goliath added DeployableDepGeneratorPack
Arbitor added LaserTurretDeployable, TelePadPack
Dread added vehicleTelepadPack
Jugger added EmplacementDeployable
Heavy Weapons cancelled by thumper cause it a bit more damage (two shots kills it)
Detpack has a mass
Goliath got some weight, Arbitor less max jet, Dread lost some jet speed, Dread/Jugg lost some shield strength
Plastiques deploy on anything, added self kill messages
Laser, Stickymine, Shockmine also can work on airbase, vehicle pads, invos, turrets, people's heads etc - will not rotate right direction though
enviropack stays on after off, bug fixed
death messages for ogre turret, mgp turret, tanks etc
turret reticle for mobile gun platform and others, fixed up their huds while in turret
Turret hacking and repairing and hacking again fixed up AGAIN.. grrr..
When Anti-VehicleTheft device option is enabled the green forcefield cube in the MPB is not shown as it is not needed - this means when the vehicle is cloaked it will be hidden properly - but only in AntiVehicleTheftMode = 1 (which shocks and poisons enemy team when they jump in your vehicle)
hud icons for heatergun ammo, rocketlauncher, enviropack, boosterpack, detpack, emplacement, airbase, vpad, godhammer,
thumper is teamsafe on projectiles
thumper, Deployable Forcefield Generators, flare beacon, walls, visible name tag, command console icon and health
removed a random dismount from gravbikes from damage code because it caused spam on no driver and don't think worked anyway
pulse sensor radius more than base
particle cannon, poison death messages
remote invo was reporting wrong max deployables
repair grenade death message
message removed when jumping in enemy vehicle in antitheft mode
engineer lost 2 rockets
rocket launcher lost a tiny bit of direct damage

changes 098
No spawn with banned items in DeathMatch
added banned item to Arena gametype, same as deathmatch and rabbit
Morph Bike mode as merc when started doesn't mount, fixed.
Morph huds now show up when you switch modes, damage stays when you turn it off and on, thruster loss fixed
Morph pilot can be hit
Remote station buy spike and clam turret reports max deployable properly
BaseGensImportant option for servers. When base power goes down spawn favs do not work.
Thumper destroys stuff easier 100m radius, fixed a bug where your nuke was unable to shoot after it was thumped. Added GibShot and sludge cannon to thumper projectile destroy list, every time thumper destroys a projectile it gets damaged,
Flares on gravbikes and fixed double flare from pilot seats prob
Fixed up Vehicle Repair function in Griffon and Havok pilot seats a bit (press fire as usual with repair pack)
Large pack allowed on condor top seat and Griffon seats
Suicide Limit, TK limit and LowScore limit reported on Shifter Server Login screen
Can use Mines and Grenades in Gravbikes, Light, Medium and Heavy - so they can lay mines or whatever
Deployable Generators still powered objects after they were destroyed, fixed
Vehicle limits able to be set in prefs properly now, must make sure you update to new prefs
Deployable Vehicle pad adds more ground vehicles, airbase adds air vehicles, when extra models enabled they both add extra models too
Fixed a Loadout bug where Bioderm players could see all the human armour choices
added morph vhud pic indicator to client pack
Detpacks deployed on non-terrain work as expected
invisible seatmounts on griffon and condor have been blocked

changes for 0055g

changed spawn favs, compatible with tricon2 301
post shifter bugs to the bugs section of

changes for 0055f
death messages, Flamer Turret
emergency release disabled player stat reporting to - this caused a crash after every map and saves some bandwidth too

changes for 0055e
Added more server settings information to the Shifter Login screen so you can see what the admin has set quickly while joining the server
Airbase upward stacking - prevented
spike turret max 4, reads as 10 fixed so it shows real max.
plastique deathmessages added
plastique endless explosions should not happen anymore
shockmine now has death messages
person switches sides or leaves game death message fixed
Chem/Lurker can use enemy telepad, server option - off by default
1/3 amount of plasma explosion exhaust from booster pack and beacon to save on FPS / network lag
nuke self kill death messages added
detpack death
messages added
added MOTD (Message of the Day) on respawn popup, server option, off by default
added extra info for weapons with weapon options which is shown to players without the shifter client activated
shockmine spaced out 4m radius, thanks to pointdestruction for that code :)
Telepucks will delete themselves after 5 minutes to prevent them building up too much
detpack touching, engineer disarm with chance to fumble, everyone else can throw themselves on it to take the blast and have a chance to disarm - see guide for chances
detpack shooting, you can now shoot it to blow it up before it goes off
detpack explodes by itself 10 seconds after you die, random explosion size unless touched or destroyed - see guide for chances
arbitor shockwave radius increased
removed fancy text from heatergun, engineer gun and a few things, in an effort to reduce lag.
Can hack large turrets without running out of energy, fixed, quick hack items hack a bit slower, big items a bit faster
destroying hacked item returns to original team fixed
recharging enemy objects does not totally destroy them as quickly (is draining energy supposed to destroy them in seconds?)
reworked Random Mission code, much simpler - just skips ahead a random amount of missions, also added a check if it cannot find mission name it reverts to server default - random missions on by default
accelpads team only and chems/lurkers can use enemy accelpads
added server option - ObservePlayer, this is off by default now so some players do not get lagged by people observing them
Morph pack toggle after activated takes 3 seconds and takes expected energy, no longer instant, will stop "swap mode missile dodge exploit", can still jump/bail out to dodge missile
disabled the weapon switching mode in shrikes, because it doesn't do anything (Bombs to Blaster message gone)
Vote to change time limit is back, server admin choice, on by default
Chem teleporting as server option and in loadlines
Less delay on boosters
EMP grenades, Poison grens do more damage, will make them do lingering effects later
Scout jetpack a little closer to what it was a while ago
Scout stim reworked random Overdosing chances (reduced a lot), first stim free then 5% and 10% chance of OD, more OD damage
Boosters bit less delay

Some deployable beacons, deploy radius from self reduced

changes for 0055d
Throw ranges for really heavy items changed so you can get rid of heavy packs properly and so scouts can disarm heavies properly etc
Vehicle pack defaulted to being disabled

changes for 0055c
NameTags for objects fixed (no more 779 Turret, 708 Generator names in Command Consoles and Huds)
Flag deploy distance check fixed up a bit, only worked if HOST was set to CTF before missions changed (if it was set to a NON-CTF missiontype then Flag Distance check did not happen)
Switch Distance check added for Siege and CnH missions, checks current mission type, works like Flag distance check just different message and only works for switches
Vulcan Turret Barrel works again, death messages also fixed
Vehicle Module Booster works again
Booster, Morph, Gravitron Gun and Heavy Mortar added InvBanList for Rabbit and Duel
Repair Beacon added Siege InvBanList

changes for 0055b
Emplacements/Airbases back to 300m flag distance (sorry, I was testing 250m and forgot to change it back)
"Juggernaut Beacon Overload in vehicle - turns you invisible" cheat fixed
New server admin options in ShifterConfig.cs
- Emplacement return to pool able to be enabled (off by default)
- Emplacement/Airbase limit returned to 3 each (because they cannot be re-deployed by default)
Morphpack, bit less restart time, bit less energy to star

changes for 0055
auto Generator repair when low player limit (all server set options, limit, time till repair, on/off) only for CTF games
if models not present vehicle hud reverts to single list (can override in ShifterConfig.cs)
server versions reworked to automatically detect and use contents of ShifterServer.vl2 - no need for two different downloads again, just move the ShifterClient.vl2 somewhere else to turn the server into a NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED version
Shifter server uses password "meatshake" by default, for Vehicle versions mainly to prevent new player confusion when they try to join a server which requires a download.

Carnivore death messages fixed
Shield and Repair beacons deploy distance from each other increased (they repair turrets now)
Some missiles with large flare distraction distances reduced (they wont chase a flare 400m away from them anymore)
Laser Mine range down a little
Merc Booster Energy drain reduced a little
Accelerator pad, correct name when buying, now has 2x more boost
Added Heat locking to Long Range mortar turret so it will primarily shoot at vehicles and anything with 30% heat, not at people walking
Napalm damage radius increased from 15 to 30m, this is for Napalm Mortars and Napalm Bombs (?)
Made the green disc on the deployable vpads bigger, this is the bit to hack and it looks a bit better on the vpad, airbase one is a bit bigger too
Laser Turret a little less damage, activates quicker, brighter beam which stays visible longer
Derms can now cloak properly
Jugger, +10 more mortars
Jugger, Mortar Grenades 4 or Laser Mines 4
Dread, +5 more mortars
Dread swapped booster pack for shockwave gun
Arbitor gets vehicle modules
Assassin +4 Sniper Rifle gun ammo
Wheeled Vehicles can drive under water now, they don't explode when they touch water anymore.
Changed Jugger auto shield check, so it should not spam chat window with "Shield Deactivated" messages anymore - better check its shields still work in all cases where they should work
Dread - pressing beacon when shields already active, message changed to say its already active!
Scout Bouncer grenades get more boost +40% and more radius x2 - should be like T1 scout grenades now (though this might cause probs if things move too fast). they now bounce less and slide more to be easier to use not to launch self into the ground, but can scoot them into enemy bases or down hills
Laser mines fire rapid every 2 seconds until they pop
Pack Option key message changed when no options from "weapon" to "pack" when no option available
Sticky Mines do not bounce off non-terrain and non-interiors, they can stick to anything and look really stupid.
Light armours a little more resistant to plasma.
Boosterpack and Boosterbeacon reworded, makes heat, Boosterpack cooling time and energy use reduced, boosterbeacon uses no energy
Vulcannon blast radius and explosion effect
VulanTurret Barrel, explosion effect - no radius damage still though
Ammo Pack now works from Remote invo Station!!bug fixed
Chem cloak beacon now has message when you use it
Merc Booster beacon gives message when used
MDM is back on all mortars, MDM costs ammo and energy to use.
Airbase, Vpad and Emplacement all return to pool after destroyed now
Heater gun cooling messages stop at less than 50, cooling complete still pops up
MDM takes ammo, energy and 1 second
Booster Pack heat set to 1 every 3 seconds
Repair Beacon fixes (this may affect how fast repair packs work, or hack etc) deployable plasma turret, telepad, accelepad, laser turret, indoor turret, outdoor turret, shockmine, large turret base
LArge Turret Base health reduced 10% (because you can repair beacon them) should make missiles more use against them.
AAmissile turret barrel removed - blame fumi! hehe
Missile Module - proximity radius increased, turning speed increased (trying to make it hit targets when it should)
Noticed an error in Booster Module flames, they should last properly now
removed Item/Ammo from 2nd heavy mortar image to fix reticle, not tested
Tournament mode team selecting buttons show team names
Dread energy recharge faster and shields stronger
Arbitor EMP/elf damage reduced
Goliath Lava damage reduced
After checking all the Goliath resistance put the laser resistance back to what it was before
Sensor Jammer Pack also Passive Jams(like assassin) while activated to make the Jammer Beacon stop shooting at it (kinda a hack to get the effect needed). Turrets need cameras AND jammers to shoot cloaked or sensor jammed people - not JUST a Jammer
Reduced all the damagelevels of Emplacement/airbase/vpads

Railgun damage Vs objects more than doubled
Thumper not able to be made invincible by deploying inside object, now has larger shootable shape and changed appearance, easier to kill these at long range now as you can actually shoot them
Flare Beacon, same changes as thumper, a bit stronger and fires flares more often
Laptop removed, causes unhackable object bugs and enemy teamchat spying counter productive to teamwork discussion and match play
Removed bomb modules from shrike (finally), napalm, vortex and bomber, still on slower wraith
Napalm damage only really hurts players now
Made sure vortex is doing its job against objects
this is off>>Camera can now see people! Can see jammed, but not cloaked - like a player, this lets turrets and motion turrets shoot jammed people and Assassins. Motion sensor still only sees motion - fooled by jammer, Pulse sensor still only sees pulse - fooled by jammer
Shockwave effect random flag drop reduce from 50% to 33% (scout grenade uses shockwave effect)
Flares, used to fall the ground and kinda stick - now they bounce more and slide more and fall slower, but can move faster - so all in all they are in the sky more
Morph Pack activate bug fixed I think
Morph Pack, forward speed reduced (not after burner), after burner energy drain increased, vertical up thruster power increased, 3rd person camera view less lag, ground collision damage and speed changed so it wont explode on contact with dirt. Basically now its slower and easier to drive near ground.
Morph 30 second reactivate timer should be back now, requires 95% of energy to start
Jammer Beacon a bit stronger, bigger
Can observe some objects through Command Console once again (like long time ago), Jammer Beacon
Stopped Remote Invos from rotating you towards them when you use them (annoying buggers)
Mortar Explosion camera shaker severity reduced 50% on two explosion types, should be less annoying but still useful
Doubled energy requirement for some Modules vortex, bomber, napalm
Renamed Plasma Turret Deployable tag to Large Deployable Turret in Command Console and when looking at it so it still makes sense if you change barrels
Had a go at fixing permacloak, might have worked
Jammer Beacon no longer detects, still jams 50m and decloaks Cloakers
Cameras cannot be jammed by a sensor jammer pack, they only see visible and have 40m range
Removed unused datablocks to speed joining server, heatergun, lockjaw, electrophin, heavybolterturret, lazcannon, firewall, deployable sensor jammer (not same as Jammer Beacon, never used I think), shockfloor, deployableshockerbarrel,
Satchel Charge removed from Chem
Shockwave Gun require more energy
Cyclone sucks more energy
Satchel damage changed to reduce from center of blast - should have same power at ground zero though

changes for 0054
Telepad not as tall
Laser Mines work
Blaster Module was a bit powerful
Hacking Vpads fixed, hack the pad - not the station

changes for 0053

Airbase deploys vehicles above itself
More death messages
Airbase deploys all air vehicles

changes for 0052
Points for kills in a Shrike or Wraith, yay finally
Some more death messages
Some less chase time on AAmissileturret
Missile module now only locks onto targets with at least 5% heat (so it only shows lock on targets the missiles will track)
Deployable Vpad did some stupid invo vanishing stuff, think it's fixed
Hacking Vehicle stations seems to not work.. grrr
HeavyMortar gets a hud icon with ammo, cool - though rocket launcher don't wanna work, nor engineer repair gun grrr!!

changes for 0051

uh oh, can't remember much
some death messages fixed, added etc
able to manually control turrets now (and they count to score) though they might be .4 seconds slower to shoot at people!!
removed alot of fileCRC check redundancy so joining server *may* be quicker...?
messed with missile turrets more - AAmissile is stronger, reloads slower, has more radius, fires on 99%+ heat, normal missile fires on 50% heat and wont chase as long
some other junk I forget.. sorry.

changes for 0050

shrike blaster balanced, explosion effect added
scout jetpower was wrong
suicide kill point bonus fixed, now subtracts
teamkilling subtracts points rather than adding
no points loss for being killed (except first time killed)
points are weird, first time you do something you lose points, after that you gain them
detpack large radius returned, damage less further from center though, under 10m = death to MPBs/turrets, 50m = death to weak things
pulse rifle explosion image shrunk a bit to be less laggy
repair beacon, max deploy radius 10m
shield beacon, max deploy radius 10m
jammer beacon, max deploy radius 10m (would have done 20m, but may as well not confuse people)
arbitor beacon, max deploy radius 10m
blastwall, max deploy from self 1m (from center of self, to center of new)
blastwall, max deploy from self 2.2m
Disassembling a large wall no longer gives you a small one ;)
STICKY MINES ARE BACK!!! (no longer deployable max on 0 deployed)
ALL CUSTOM VEHICLES NOW SHINY!!! (holy shit I love this) - shifter only, no other mods/base/servers have shiny vehicles or bioderms (unless they unlawfully steal it)
changed spawn offset for vpad vehicle spawn so none of them should get stuck (not talking about airbase here)
vehicle telepad now wont let wraith get stuck when it teles through
ravager does 10 times more damage, it uses the enemies energy to do damage
plasma gun multi 4 shot now uses 4 ammo instead of 3
rocket more speed again
bomber bombs more damage
lockon time lowered a little for missile module
booster energy lowered a little
cyclone missiles should have a bit of range
cyclone missile should hit
vulcanimpact sound did not exist, changed to chaingunimpact

changes for 0049
all homing missiles slower
Shrike Faster
Wraith Faster
Missile Module Better
Shiny Bioderms enabled - only in Shifter
Jugg skiing glue removed

changes for 0048
ShifterServer now includes Mapsupport by ZOD
Detpack explosion radius reduced
Laser Turret default limit 5
Pulse Rifle wont fire rounds it does not have energy for
Pulse Snipe mode works for derms
Poison and EMP will not wear off instantly
Missile Module slightly increased
Godhammer dumbfire mode more powerful than 047
Cyclone Pack drains some energy and missiles move slower
Poison Mine, Emp Mine do less initial damage
custom scripts working (eg PJs oopsie death messages NOT popping up)
AAmissile Turret will not kill shrike in one hit
Gravitron Gun attract mode works
Prowler and Constructor sensors work
Server version number moved from Config so admins need not worry about it
Heavy Weapons beacons limits moved into config for admins
Lots of minor cosmetic fixes

changes for 0047
Motion sensor radius now 30m
rockets not faster than discs, but faster than disc underwater
bioderm constructor no longer zapped by water
MDM only for Poison, Concussion, EMP mortars (MDM means "manually detonated mortar")
Napalm is not as good Vs objects, Vortex is not as good Vs people
EMP has less kickback and damage, it will strip shields away
Heavy Mortar Reload time increased, Arming time for mortars increased
increased nuke and satchel damage to all vehicle health
Ammo pack tweaked for heavy mortars and beacons
Emplacements deploy higher
Airbases and Emplacements have a wall removed
engineergun repairs objects faster, players not as fast as repair pack
repairpack repairs players faster, objects not as fast as eng repair gun
laptop repairs players a bit better then engineerrepairgun, repairs objects a bit slower than repair pack
AAPC more health, shield resists damage more
2 medium Cyclops Gravcycle per team, allows large pack
1 Heavy Gravidson Gravcycler per team
Telepads are back, they wont let you teleport with flag
Flag will return after 60 seconds on the ground
Flares velocity inherit factor lowered
fixed sniper rifle weapon options, Normal, Poison, Tag
Laser Rifle increasedRailgun direct damage increased
Damage level for Motionsensor, Pulsesensor increased
Radius damage for AAturret and AAmissileheatseek increased
Elf Turret radius increased
Beowulf/Titan tank got is chaingun back
Caterpillar Flamer sounds different
all vehicle spawn at least 1.5 high to accommodate for some mappers vehicle pads
Mobile Gun changed, click fast to fire doubles Missile Module altered, less missiles
Flamerturret radius damage increased
all vehicles more health
all light and medium can pilot
Godhammer missiles require a more energy to fire and when locked godhammer missiles require ALOT more energy to fire (this meant to be an barrage aimed weapon, not a point-lock-kill no skill weapon), use target las to get lock or missile launcher, otherwise dumbfire the enemy to oblivion as normal
made flag blocker a bit bigger to stop crazy mpb on flag sh!t
emo fixed flag deploy radius check, so it knows where the flag should be, not currently following it
Elf Vs vehicles removes their shields faster (upped elf, lowered player damage from elf)
Arbitor more resistant to EMP
reduced overloading damage
reduced poison, emp, damage on mines and deploy radius to stop them bunching up, 1m
detpack explosions look bigger
jugg walk slower
engineer hack gun less energy drain
Goliath 8 mortars, tiny speed boost
Scout plane autoroll off (seems no effect)
booster back to dread, 12 seconds, more energy, no shockwave
Condor more turbo boost until pickup (if ever)
Flag will always return after being dropped even if stalemate mode is on (to prevent OOB flags) default 60 seconds
poison and emp touch may work now, didn't test it
Bioderms not immune to poison anymore (did anyone notice?)

Mostly tweaked Jugg energy levels and its indestructibility from everything
Telepads dont tele Juggs, Dreads and Derm counterparts
Lazcannon Removed
Titan Tank back in
Derms Repair Gun options work
Remote Stations work again
Mercs can pilot again
Airbase minimum range from any flag 300m
Shockmines deployable again
Grenade Launcher can fire some grenades from Hand Invo slot #1, see weapon text
Morph Pack is too big to fit in vehicles

BioDerms explode green
Derms armours renamed (see guide)
Derms special weapons added, Thud Gun, Vapour Gun, Gib Cannon, Sludge Gun (some of these replace human equivalents)
Deployable Vehicle pad works fully and deploys all vehicles from the bottom
Turret Bases all reduced to ONE type, Plasma
Turret Barrels all reduced to one default plasma, use Pack to cycle through types are purchasing it but before deploying it
Option to disable loadout changes while dead in Server config
Server Config GUI for hosting is removed, just edit ShifterConfig.cs to change all settings, item/deployable/vehicle limits, scoring changes etc
Laptop Hack enemy equipment bug fixed
Thumper Heavy weapon added (kinda like massive shockwave cannon, looks neat)
Heavy Mortars fire two rounds, options are Standard, Poison, Vortex and Napalm
all Mortar and Heavy mortar rounds can MDM now
ClientPack changes - removed .dso killing routine, removed Dedicated server check, edited version numbers, added all new models, removed all old models, added readme to Support script tab, added default prefs of No webupdate, No News, Ask for Client - edited text in WebUpdate confirmation dialogue