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Rental information for shelters
Rental information for Endris Lodge and the Clarksville Community Center

 ASHLAND PARKAshland Park Situated along the Ohio River on Riverside Drive. With an overlook of the Ohio River and the Louisville skyline, this park is an ideal place to hold family picnics. Along with restrooms, this park has playground equipment and is the gateway to the Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center. A shelter house with five picnic tables is available for rent. Ashland is a carry-in/carry-out park. No garbage cans are at this shelter/park.

 This flat, two-acre park is at the intersection of Beechwood Drive and Coral Way in Beechwood Manor subdivision. Playground equipment and a basketball court will keep the kids busy all day. The park has one shelter house which is available for rent.


Cedar Park

 One basketball court and playground equipment are available at this two-acre community park on Horn Avenue.

   Situated on South Clark Boulevard, this 20-acre park is the site of the Clarksville Family Aquatic Center. The park also has a basketball court, playground equipment, four, lighted tennis courts and a shelter house, which is available for rent.

Colgate Park

Gaskell Park
 Gaskell Park is a two-acre neighborhood park situated on flood control property off Briarwood Drive in Blackiston Heights. Residents can picnic while children play on the equipment. The park also has a basketball court.

   This 332-acre park holds Wooded View Golf Course, an 18-hole course, as well as a softball complex and other recreational opportunities. The softball complex faces Potters Lane and houses two softball fields, a concession stand, restrooms and ample parking. The entrance to Lapping Park is located at the junction of Potters Lane and Greentree Boulevard North. Besides the golf course, the park boasts two tennis courts, one basketball court, two horseshoe pits, restrooms, volleyball space, shelter house, an amphitheater and lodge.

The shelter house is available for rent and is ideal for family or company picnics. The amphitheater is also available for rent and is suitable for weddings, church services or other outdoor activities. Endris Lodge can also be rented for wedding receptions, parties or business meetings. Picnic tables and a grill are outside the lodge and provide for additional capacity. Downloadable trail guide (pdf)

Lapping Park

Little League Park
Little League Park is currently under construction and due to open in April, 2009.
   Midway Park is located off Clark Blvd. in Clarksville (next to the old Clarksville Drive-in Theater). Midway is the newest park in the Clarksville Parks District, and is the home of Colgate Soccer Field, where Southern Indiana United Soccer games are held every weekend. Midway Park is home to the Wolverton Path Walkway, which is a 1/3 mile walking path that surrounds the soccer field.


Moser Park
 Moser Park is located next to the Clarksville Middle School on Ettels Lane. This three-acre park has playground equipment, one softball diamond and a basketball court.
   This neighborhood park is located behind Parkwood Elementary School off Kilmer Way in Parkwood Subdivision. Four baseball diamonds, a football/soccer field and playground equipment make up the six acres of this park.

Parkwood Park

Ray Lawrence Park
 This neighborhood park, located behind the Greyhound Supermarket on Irving Drive, has many shaded areas that are great for picnics. Known for its four lighted tennis courts, Ray Lawrence Park, also has two basketball courts. The nine-acre park has playground equipment for the children and a shelter house available for rent.
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