The History of Missiology website originated from doctoral seminars taught by Professor Dana L. Robert. Because of the obscurity of historic mission texts, she initiated the collection and digitization of texts in the public domain. The provision of biographical data on each missiologist stems from the priorities of the course, which focuses on the social and contextual dimensions of mission theology, theory and strategy. While the work of mission practitioners is certainly of interest, the primary focus of the website is on books and studies considered of historic importance to the development of Protestant missiology.

To provide support for doctoral-level instruction in mission studies. the collection of archival and relevant published material is a priority for the School of Theology Library, under the leadership of Dr. Jack Ammerman. As the global dimensions of the interaction among religious traditions have become more important as a subject of academic inquiry over the past few years, the demands on our rare published and unpublished texts have increased. To make the texts more widely accessible, the Theology Library in collaboration with the Center for Global Christianity and Mission has designed a digital repository of texts to support the study of Christian mission. We will continue to scan texts in our collection, as well as to collect other digital texts in the public domain, and make them available on this website.

We wish to thank Dr. Gerald Anderson, an alumnus of Boston University, distinguished missiologist, and editor of the Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions, for allowing us to use biographical sketches from the dictionary for this project. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Boston University School of Theology, the ITGP office at Boston University, the DeFreitas Family Foundation, and the Kip Knight/Peggy Day Foundation. We have relied on the work of numerous research assistants and library staff to make this website possible.

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