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Foreign Exchange Rates
11 Jun 2008 USDCADGBP
Buying71.42 68.85138.12
Selling71.63 70.53140.20
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Treasury Bills
22 May 2008 Announcements
28 May 2008 Results
Economic Targets
Inflation (%) 9-10
NIR (US$MN) 2000.0
Bank of Jamaica balance sheet as at 28 May 2008
Net International Reserves as at end May 2008
Unaudited Assets & Liabilities of Commercial Banks as at 31 March 2008
Unaudited Assets & Liabilities of Building Societies as at 31 March 2008
Unaudited Assets & Liabilities of Licensees under The Financial Institutions Act (FIA) as at 31 March 2008
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bank Of Jamaica?

When was the Bank OfJamaica established?

Who owns the bank of jamaica? does it have shareholders?

Can I invest money with the Bank of Jamaica?

Is the Bank of Jamaica a department of government?

Why does the country need a central bank?

What exactly does the Bank of Jamaica do?

Who is responsible for monetary policy?

How does Monetary Policy work?

What is the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy?

Who has responsibility for managing the Bank?

Who appoints the members of the Board?

Who can be appointed to the Board?

What is the role of the Board of Directors?

Are the directors paid?

What is the role of the Governor of the Bank?

How is the Governor appointed?

What is the term of office for the Governor

Can the Governor be dismissed from office?

Who is the Supervisor of Banks?

If I have a complaint about a commercial bank, can I file a complaint with the Bank of Jamaica regarding that bank?

Where can I find a list of deposit-taking institutions in Jamaica?

Does the Bank of Jamaica supervise and regulate deposit-taking institutions in Jamaica?

Does the Bank of Jamaica offer deposit insurance?

Can the Bank of Jamaica provide information on the market share of a bank?

How can I tell if I have a counterfeit note?

What should I do if I have a counterfeit note?

Why wont the Bank of Jamaica reimburse a counterfeit note?

Who makes our coins?

Who prints our bank notes?

Who decides which persons are featured on our banknotes?

When did Jamaica change to a decimal system of currency?

Will the BOJ accept old coins and bank notes?

Can I pay for goods and services with coins only? For example, can I pay my utility bill with just coins?

If a coin is bent, can I still use it?

If I have a mutilated bank note, will the Bank of Jamaica exchange it for a good note?

Does the Bank of Jamaica supervise and regulate insurance companies, securities dealers, unit trusts, pension funds and mutual funds?

If I wanted to establish a commercial bank in Jamaica, how would I proceed?

If I hold a deposit account with a FINSAC intervened Bank that is no longer in operation, how do I get back my money from that bank?

If I wish to establish a non-deposit taking company for purposes of lending to the public, would such a company be subject to Bank of Jamaica regulation?

Does the Bank of Jamaica regulate and supervise investment clubs, pyramids, and other such financial schemes?

Are interest rates/fees charged by commercial banks and other licensed deposit-taking institutions regulated by the Bank of Jamaica?

How do you calculate capital adequacy ratios for commercial banks/merchant banks/building societies?

What is the difference between a commercial bank and a merchant bank?

Are customers of a commercial bank required to disclose the reason/purpose for withdrawals from their accounts?

Are customers of a commercial bank required to disclose the source of funds to be deposited to their accounts?

Does BOJ supervise Credit Unions?

What happens to unclaimed deposits or other balances held at commercial banks/merchant banks/building societies?

Does a customer have to repay his/her loan if it becomes non-performing (past due for 3 months or more) since the bank is required by law to cease taking interest to its Profit and Loss Account?

Where can I obtain a copy of the audited financial statements of a commercial bank, merchant bank or building society?

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