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January is a time to celebrate. First off, the team had a number of birthdays this month and we’re all getting nice and plump on cake. Another reason to celebrate is that meebo’s hit another milestone! We were really psyched back in October when we hit the 500,000 meebo user account mark. We’re now positively ecstatic to let you know that we just passed the one millionth registered user mark… just three months and a few days later! We recently installed an LED sign above our desks so we could see our updated stats (here’s a pic). We’ll be sending a meebo tee to our millionth user shortly.

It’s been very important to us that we share our experiences building meebo and the team, and in addition to the one million account milestone, we’re happy to announce that meebo has raised a second round of venture capital funding from Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), with Sequoia (our current VC) participating in the funding too!

You may remember a bit over a year ago, when meebo consisted of just Sandy, Elaine, and me, and how we described the ins and outs of raising our first round of funding from Sequoia Capital. Through much the same process DFJ has now joined our family. First and foremost, there is so much that we can’t wait to do with meebo, from adding the features that you guys have been requesting in the forums to doing some pretty neat things, like meebo me. With this funding it’ll let us continue to add team members to meebo here in California, and that will let us make meebo even more useful to all of you!

We’re also excited to be working with Tim Draper over at DFJ. This is probably a little known piece of trivia, but DFJ is one of the venture capital firms that funded both Skype and Hotmail. With that background, Tim brings a ton of ideas and insight to meebo…and for that we’re grateful! DFJ and Sequoia (they were early investors in Yahoo, Google, and YouTube) form a terrific partnership and bring a wealth of knowledge.

Finally, this is the point where we get to make a go of not only building meebo for all of you, but also beginning the process of building out meebo’s business side. We’re looking forward to exploring three ways to generate revenue from meebo: advertising (no “punch the monkey” banners), allowing our user community to personalize meebo (similar to Cyworld’s approach in Korea or QQ’s in China), and distributing other services that directly monetize (like sending IMs over the SMS networks). We remain committed to the meebo user experience - just as we have taken guidance from all of you in building meebo, we will continue to do so as we begin to add revenue generating features.

And finally, the most important thing of all, thank you everyone!!! There is absolutely no way that meebo would be the product it is today, or the really fun team it is over here in Mountain View, California, without all of your help. From helping us get meebo translated into over 69 languages to helping us debug problems, you’ve been beyond instrumental in making meebo. We are grateful for your help, support, and encouragement.


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  1. katherine Says:

    congrats. i\’ve been following the meebo story from the beginning and am looking forward to seeing what\’s next. all the best to your team. my friend got a meebo account yesterday and i\’m hoping he might be your millionth user ;)

  2. conna Says:


  3. Jerry D Greene Says:

    Nice work, guys! Keep it up! But how about placing name tags so that we all know who’s who in the picture? Thanks.

  4. Ronggo Lawe Says:


  5. Ronggo Lawe Says:

    i love u

  6. JRU Says:

    I love meebo
    In a sexual way of course
    Just needs a few more features *cough*voice chat*cough*
    And then I’ll be happy….er

  7. Daniel Says:

    Hi, Well I was thinking of a few ways to improve meebo, it came to my attn. that no one can get or send any files. so typically my request is to put some sort of file transfer tool

  8. semisemi Says:

    merhabalar arkadaşlar ben türkiyeden zeynep nasılsınız

  9. foo Says:

    Whatever else you do, please offer a way for people to pay annually to avoid all ads. I pay something like $15 a year to avoid ads on my hotmail account and my live spaces blog, which is nice. Also, paid accounts that would enable more IM features, saving more log history, sending IM over SMS, allowing file transfer, etc. would probably be popular.

  10. popmonkey Says:

    advertisements in meebo sounds scary. live mail (web and desktop) has scared me enough. please. no ads, not even adsense, please. perhaps u can offer things like what automattic is doing with wp.com. u can let users to upgrades to certain features that would be nice and special and personal such as file transfer, games, etc. but no ads please. i am serious. and if u run a donation drive, i will contribute as much as i can for meebo!

  11. Joe Says:

    Thanks so much for meebo! It’s been a kewl addition to my little kids church website. Kids can now get a hold of me directly from my webpage, and parents can feel secure knowing it’s going to be me and not some crazy person.

    I’m also glad to here you are going to be doing some revenue generating. I know with the past commitment to user focused design the ad styles and content will be in good taste.

  12. iBoom Says:

    You are spending on useless things! Just as back in 1999 before the iBubble popped

  13. Angela Caruso Says:


    I have told all my friends about it.

    My only wish is that I had know about this site earlier.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  14. Jordan Willms Says:

    I love meebo too, but I constantly find myself thinking: How are you going to make money, and is aquisition your only exit strategy?

  15. Yolynne Says:

    Thanks for sharing your talents and ideas. Meebo surely made my way of communicating easier.. especially if I get online with a slow connection. God Bless you all!

  16. Nowaysayno54321 Says:

    Go Meebo!! Con Grats On All the acomplishment i am so happy~!

  17. Grace Says:

    does anyone have a birthday on the 16th? if you do we share birthdays! ^___^ congrats Meebo Team and much

  18. nonameplease Says:

    i am not a registered user but i saw u were in PC world mag and i thot u were really kewl!

  19. Abhay Says:

    Congratulations. :D

  20. Jonathan Says:

    I would first like to congratulate you guys on having more than a million user accounts, that is quite an achievement. The prospect of seeing banner ads in the meebo window is disquieting however. That was one of my main reason from switching over from AIM to meebo. I really enjoy the clean look and feel of meebo without the ads. I understand that you guys need to make money some how, and hopefully a donation drive would be more appealing than ads.

  21. Mauxi Says:


  22. Jon Callaghan Says:

    Seth, Sandy, Elaine & Team,

    Huge congrats on such a terrific financing. DFJ will be a great partner for you. Well done.

    Jon and the True gang

  23. tyay Says:

    ei Meebo staff. Congrats! by the way I would like to inform you guys that there are numerous Meebo users here in the Philippines (yup that’s in Asia).


  24. sdfsd Says:

    Aasddss sdsdsdsd sadsdsdd

  25. onesimo Says:

    oi mim aceita wallew mano….

  26. melody Says:

    i would like seeing spaces of my friends

  27. DecIImaL Says:

    Was jsut wondering. How do I find out … what was my number on the totem pole…

  28. Ashish Says:

    >>We’ll be sending a meebo tee to our millionth user shortly

    Why what has he done special[meebo was already known to him] , probably you guys should give to the someone who has been with meebo for the logest peroid of time

  29. poppet Says:

    hello there. me bored wat y doin?

  30. raptor31 Says:

    Can you put a little counter like that on the top of Meebo for the users

  31. ra Says:

    muito bom…

  32. Welsi Says:

    Hola a todos, hablo español, por favor publiquen alun blog en español para nuestra comunidad que usa el meebo!..

    Saludos Codiales con eÑe ;)

  33. MZ Says:

    alright. i got teh feature request to change meebo forever.
    centralize email for mini sites.. jesus… i’ve got to check 3 different email accounts nowadays.
    it’s be nice if meebo me would display messages in my facebook AND myspace accounts.

  34. EllyBird Says:

    I know that you can bold and italicize and underline. but, you have to do those with ALL of your text, it’d be cool to be able to do that with one word.

    Great work, guys :)

  35. traceFACE Says:

    Congratulations meebo team. This service is AWESOME! Keep up the great work.

  36. nicole Says:

    hey everyone

  37. Ansel Says:

    How did you guys hook up that LED sign? I’d love to do that! :)

  38. paula Says:

    oi my name is

  39. Kat Says:

    Hey thanks for the meebo site

  40. Maddee Says:

    got a problem with me
    solve it
    think im trippin’
    tie my shoes
    cant stand me
    sit down
    cant face me
    turn around

    - Maddee

  41. Connor Says:

    My birthday is in January. January officially owns every other holiday. Anyways, it’d be really awesome if you could change your accounts e-mail adress or you could change your account’s password etc.

    (I got a new e-mail adress, and somebody knows my password.)


  42. chris Says:

    I agree. First ad I see, I’m back on Gaim or Trillian. Oh well, i guess it was a good run…

  43. alexandra Says:

    congratulations………….u are a nice team……

  44. prezee Says:

    hey me just started using meebo n it seems like a really nice site!!gonna be using it alot frm now on i believe so look out for me guys!!!!

  45. Robert Segelbaum Says:

    Hi again Seth,

    There is a crazy little problem happening that drives us nuts whenever we try to add a name to our Meebo contact list, it seems to happen only with Yahoo and MSN but we’re not 100% sure about that…

    Here’s the problem: Meebo (or somebody, THRU Meebo, it could be Yahoo or MSN itself) tells us, thru a little errmsg window that pops up, that the name CANNOT BE ADDED. It doesn’t say why it can’t be added, it just says it “can’t be added”. And yet, if we look in the contact list, it DOES seem to get added! And stays there, it doesn’t disappear when we close everything and go back into the contact list for a second look!


  46. Sara Says:

    Hi, just wanted to say thank-you for everything the meebo team has done!

  47. Brooke Says:

    Sara, what have they done for u?

  48. Sara Says:

    Brooke, they made this web-site and i am really thankfull

  49. hh Says:


  50. Jenna Says:

    Someone told me about meebo and I’ve been using it ever since! I have in turn told several other people who have been using it ever since as well! This is an excellent communication tool and I love it!

  51. Gretchen Says:

    Hey you know how it says that u can put 1,000 characters in profiles…well it only allows me about 15 or 20…30 max;; y is that? Is there any way u can change that? A profile is the thing id b most happiest with. Thankss guys oh and congrats

  52. mehdi Says:

    slaw bo hemo kurdeky kho peresty basheref we slaw bo rohy paky shehyd ghasemlo


    Hi Meebo team,

    A big THANK Q !!!!!

    First is too late to tell this but I take this opportunity as a thanks giving after reading Seth blog (dt 18/1/07) to thank you all for meebo as a product
    I am GOURI SHANKAR from India and I work for a top 3D animation & Gaming company http://www.dqentertainment.com/ as Sr.Network administrator, few months back there was a virus attack from yahoo messenger accounts when you login and we were badly affected by it, the production was badly hit because as you know every seconds counts as a huge money and time in this animation field and most badly effected was my programming team
    I believed meebo as I am a very old user of it so I blocked yahoo msg and made all my user to use meebo and after putting all kinds of test and monitoring for few months I can tell you now your product is liked by more than 1500 people in my office & stopped using yahoo msg and is much better than yahoo though even her u get virus but doesn’t effect directly

    Second thing THANKS to Seth for taking me down the memory lane though a silent user after reading his blog I still remember the day you guy said we’re finally out in the open ,you took help of all who came forward to help you as contributors, you have come a long way from desktop servers to data centre ,your gradual improvement your dedicated team how believed SES (Seth ,Elaine ,sandy)giving out everything and not to forget your your aggressive biz plans which is most needed in any successful company ,I know its really tough to run a company in initial stages and getting a capitalist as I have my own small company I run (non-profitable, non commercial) lets talk about the business later and after 1yr you announced that your out of alpha later an big stepping stone for meebo 500,000 user accounts! And now new milestone that’s passing one million users, it feels happy to be part of such a product for long time

    Wish you guys stand out to be unique in every way

    Me and my team, programmers a well talented, highly acclaimed in here and my business members across the globe are always ready to help you any time we have lot of plans to make meebo a special ,Best & unique one (if you want )

    Thanking you,

  54. din Says:


  55. Bruce Wagner Says:

    The only thing about monetizing things by charging to send SMS messages is…

    Teleflip is now offering that for free…

    I wrote about it recently in my blog, here: http://brucewagner.wordpress.com/2007/01/17/email-any-cellphone-for-free-2024561111teleflipcom/

    But the general idea is….


    ….is totally free!

    I think MySpace’s approach of advertising is the best bet, really.

    If/when your service is perceived as “essential”, people WILL put up with advertising… in order to use it.

    All the best,

    Bruce Wagner

    PS - I hate it when HUMANS cannot even read those squiggly characters to enter them… And it’s even worse when you click “New ID” to get a new one… and it DELETES YOUR MESSAGE TEXT…. OUCH!!!

  56. Mark Collins Says:

    I know this might look a little vain, but I think it would be a great psyche factor for your users. Include a little ticker at the bottom of the meebo screen and let us see how many users have signed up… kind of like your LED ticker… just to give us that realtime feeling of awe as to how fast Meebo is growing. I know it’s vanity, but I think it would be hellaciously cool.

  57. Mark Collins Says:

    Yes, thanks. I use Google email and Meebo for IM, and I am virus free. I also use Avast Personal Edition (which has a boot time virus scan) and Zone Alarm Lite. When I did onsite computer support, these were my magical defenses that kept computers clean. Well, that and instructing users not to download and install software that they couldn’t buy from WalMart, as they could be trojans or spyware laden.

    Meebo is a very important part of a secure Windows box. I just thought I’d share that.

  58. gina Says:

    who fukin cares sroisly

  59. Sara Says:

    U shouldn’t say that Gina. Younger people might read this!

  60. meow Says:

    nighty night! ^___^

  61. matro Says:

    goodbye meebo. I loved you. I\’ll keep on using you, whatever you\’ll become, until ads and other business stuff will turn you to icq.

  62. Jon Bobbit Says:

    Hmmm ads - I knew it was too good to be true.

    When the ads come - you can delete my account.

    Until then, keep up the good work.

  63. Masood Imran Says:

    Hello. First of all let me congratulate you on coming up with this brillant idea. I am very much impressed. Congrats on the accomplishment.

  64. Bruce Wagner Says:

    If we love Meebo so much…

    And we love the Meebo Team so much…

    Are we going to deny them a living?

    Are you going to continue going to work every morning when your paychecks stop?

    They have been creating a system that more than a million people reply on… and enjoy…

    And for what?

    Do you see any revenue for them?

    How are they supposed to continue getting a paycheck?

    Meebo is not a government sponsored program (Thank God! - one reason it works so well…)

    Think about it. This attractive young hard-working team… Are they all volunteers? I doubt it. Volunteers are not usually so committed. They are probably getting a paycheck all along… from what money? Have YOU given them any money? I know I have not.

    Compliments and flattery do no buy groceries or pay the rent.

    Obviously, the investors who put REAL DOLLARS upfront to make this thing happen are the ones who’ve taken the REAL risks here… And they deserve to be compensated.

    And the hard-working team is also taking a considerable risk. If Meebo were to fail as a business… there’s a whole group of people out of a job.

    But, of course, the public does not “think it through”… to that extent.

    They see what they like… and they see the cost… and they decide, in one instant, if it’s “worth it” to them… or not.

    That’s a free market.

    Everyone hates ads. But… If the thing is really important enough… and useful enough… It IS worth it.

    In that department, you know who I appreciate the most!?


    Google is absolutely essential… to most of us. Yet their ads are unobtrusive and not annoying. Just like plain text ads, off to the right side… If I have to see ads, THAT is how I want to see ads… You almost don’t think of Google as being permeated with ads… You think of it as being more of a text-based tool…. almost like craigslist.org

    I AVOID Yahoo like the plague simply because their colorful pictures and graphics ads are very annoying and distracting.

    Even MySpace, with their Yahoo-like animated graphic huge banner & box ads… I have avoided at all cost…. until now… (Now that they have over 101 million users… no one CAN AFFORD to ignore them…)

    One thing’s for sure… I’m NEVER gonna pay to send an SMS message when I can send one free from my cellphone… AND I can send one free through teleflip… And I’m never gonna pay to use an IM chat client… even one as cool as meebo… when they are all free in their native form…

    Who can justify paying for something you can get free?

    People really don’t mind small unobtrusive text ads on a site that they find so beneficial…

    Guilty Confession: Everyone knows that, when a site has Google Adwords on it, and someone clicks on one of those ads… that site gets money. I have been know to, when I find a really really cool web site, or columnist/blogger, or something… give them a “vote” of support by CLICKING ON EVERY ONE OF THEIR PAGES’S ADWORDS ADS… It’s a way to give them money, without costing me one cent. …and I am looking at the sponsors’ messages, for a second, which is what they are paying for anyway… A Win, win.

    Everyone loves “donating” to a worthy cause — when it doesn’t cost them one red cent!

    Small unobtrusive google-adwords-like ads in the sidebars are the way to go :)

    And simply ASKING people to click on them, is NOT a bad thing either ;)

    Just like the old tv & radio shows used to do, “Please support the show by visiting our sponsors”

    You have to ASK for what you want… and then the Universe might surprise you…

    Best of luck, Team Meebo, on the major decisions around creating revenue streams for yourself!

  65. Sara Says:

    Bruce, i totally agree with you. You must love to type! (lol)

  66. Countrygal21049 Says:

    Hey!!! I have been a meebo user for almost a year now, i had nevewr heard about until my friend said there was a place better than AOL’s AIM…….i didnt beleive it could be better but i wanted to give it a try, in which i did. She was right i am a proud meebo user currently spreading the good news of meebo to my fellow peers!
    Future Luck!!!!!!!

  67. amac2012@yahoo.com Says:

    Great job you guys i can’t wait to see what happens next time(lol)

  68. Jeremy Says:

    hey todays my birthday and well the normal yahoo messenger is way better then this but no effence

  69. lynn Says:

    i think that this needs to have games and more funner activities to do while chatting to friends!!!

  70. chris Says:

    Bruce Wagner. We all know its someone on the meebo team. Way to use a pseudonym, and talk about yourself glowingly in third person in a vain attempt to deflect some criticism. Well Played. The reality is though, many of us can here because there are no ads. Put in advertisements, and many of us are gone. For sure I am. I mean its a good service, but thats the main benefit, that the main messenger services are ad laden, but meebo is not, take it away and what do you have? People in offices whose network admins haven\’t figured out to block meebo yet might still use it. I\’ll admit, it seems like it\’d be tough to come up with another way to turn a profit, but I\’ll bet your usage drops through the floor within a week of adding advertisements.

  71. Sara Says:

    i don’t get it


    congrats, man, i’ve been following the meebo story from the beginning too . Let me tell ya something, you are a great tool when we can not access to the full messenger tool (due to secutiry policies) , so keep on working hard,as Rick Blaine says “This is the beginning of an everlasting friendship………” -casablanca-

    congrats all of you sirs


  73. katie Says:

    thats funny, my birthday is this month. ill be 16….happy birthday to you guys too!!!

  74. Owen Says:

    Well done guys! The browser based world of Meebo is a pleasure in firewalled situations and I just love the continual upgrades and improvements! Keep it up and throwing it down Cali style. Peace. Owen CPT

  75. Bruce Wagner Says:

    LOL. No… I am not on the Meebo Team.

    I am just another user.

    They are out in California, I believe. And I am in New York City.

    If you don’t believe me, check out my web site: http://brucewagner.com



  76. sabin Says:

    why this web is not working anytime ?
    why this is delay to sign in?
    why it shows problem to sign in?

  77. Sara Says:

    Hi, Sabin, when does the web not work? It always works for me! And i have no trouble signing on! Have you ever thought that maybe it isn’t meebo it is ur computer?

  78. KluvsA Says:

    Hey there team meebo!!
    Just wanna say THANX for the awesome work u guys are doing!!
    Keep it up!! :-)

  79. Kayla Says:

    i love you guys so much and i’ve been with you for what seems like forever! reading the meebo blog has become a a daily thing for me, and i cant wait to see what else meebo is releasing or planning! first, thank you for getting me instant messaging, and, second, thank you for making it better than any other messenger on the net!!

  80. Jessica Says:

    hey everyone it’s me jess and i just wanna letcha know that i love all of friends know matter what including chreen,ian,nicole and kt and i love them alot! Don’t screw it up.

  81. Sara Says:

    No Pressure

  82. Mcdonald Donna Says:

    Hey cutie lol
    your profile and thought it was really amazing. Plus, you’re really cute. So please look at my profile and if you like what I had to say, write back to me when you get a chance.
    Yes, you think she’s attractive.
    Yes, you think her profile is entertaining.
    Yes, you think it’s cool that she also likes Robert DeNiro movies and skiing in Vail.
    Once upon a time, I was a knee model. Great money, tons of fame, you know the deal … Then I skinned my knee when rollerblading. I never modeled again.
    Let’s drink to our fashion careers,
    TiVo for Dummies
    I can fix your computer, landscape your backyard and probably even hotwire your car, but, for some reason, TiVo programming seems to elude me as well. So if you’re interested in watching the entire season of “When Animals Attack”… in Spanish … with subtitles … I’m definitely your guy.
    Talk to you soon,

  83. Mcdonald Donna Says:

    My perfect match would have to be honest…. trustworthy…. and outgoing. I would like the best of both worlds and would like them to have a romantic side as well. Someone that makes me laugh and enjoys spending time with me and doing things toogether. I don’t require 24/7 attention nor do I expect it. I am not into games that are played by many. I want someone to be upfront and honest with me, even if it is going to hurt my feelings… I am a big on believe and can handle it.

  84. Lovr Boi Says:

    mcdonald donna i might be ur perfect match

  85. Yogurt Says:

    thats awesome^^ i’m so happy for you guys

  86. Tessa Says:

    Happy birthday staff!! and congrats!!

  87. RiYaDh_bOyZZ Says:


    I have told all my friends about it.

    My only wish is that I had know about this site earlier.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  88. Mustafa Says:

    nice woork my friends hehe
    happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  89. sanju Says:

    Hiee guys…….u have dont a gr8 job…….still expecting a lot from u people…..

  90. Luc S. Says:

    guys i think meebo is great, i use it all the time when im away from home. i think that its great meebo is growing, nice pic :D but i would like it if meebo stayed the same, because sometimes when a website gets too much funding it gets bad, like advertising everywhere, and not the welcomeness it has now. like the hotmail homepage, it looks like some factory whyle the meebo homepage is all welcoming, idunnpo, keep up the good work, and keep meebo the same:D

  91. fantim Says:

    Sweet I’ll be waiting for my t-shirt. (I am the millionth… right?)

  92. Patrick Says:

    I love the user counter you put up in your office!

    You should add that to Meebo so when you sign in you know when you joined :)


  93. misschickie Says:

    Congratulations you guys! You deserve it!

  94. Les Says:

    I love you. Can I bring you ice cream? From Rick\’s?

  95. erika la guapa Says:


  96. senior_07 Says:

    hello everybody. have a nice day

  97. senior_07 Says:

    is anybody on meebo ?

  98. yemi Says:

    hay yo i dont like it

  99. Stephanie Says:

    I dont really get on that much but if i do i talk tom my friends… buti dont usualy get on bc im usually hunting or fishing or sumtn… AND this past friday i killed a pig… i shot it with a 30 30 (rifle) and it was fun… We made bacon and sausage outta it. The hog that i killed weighed like 450+ pounds. im not at ppl consider the average girl bc im weird bc i do thing that r dum… but i LOVE MOUNTAIN DEW… its my favorite drink and my friend chelsea and i drink it all the time
    i like meebo but i dont get on it much

  100. Stephanie Says:


  101. Felicia Says:

    Congratulations. That is wonderful news!! You have a great service.

  102. bine Says:

    hi people i just got a meebo

  103. Ecki Says:

    Balloons and ice cream - I thought that is something about the summer! But this interesting too, only not so warming…

  104. RJ Says:

    Unreal, but this is truly the place to be for comedy and insight:


  105. benperry.net Says:

    me likee meebo!

  106. antizero Says:

    I used to have problems with my messengers. Cruel paranoid sysadmins always tried forbid my access to socializing. :) Now I have no problems. Thanks!!! But you have problem with encoding :(. Seldom I get a messages with “japanese” font. :( I hope MEEBO will fix this bug.

  107. dresstosurvive Says:

    Thanks for the great work so far! In the future, please stick to doing one thing (instant messaging) and doing it superbly. I don’t relish the idea of meebo becoming a bloated do it all. I can get a heavy duty desktop client for that. I’m actually a fan of the fact that meebo doesn’t support a lot of things like direct connect and file transfer.

  108. Ben Says:

    I am not a big fan of ads, especially text adds. Perhaps if you really insist they could be behind my windows. I can use each service’s web messenger or another client and not have ads.

  109. Tim McCormack Says:

    You could offer paid features that are a bit more resource intensive, e.g. IRC.

  110. Datalyst Says:

    Congrats on developing a large user base.

    The question is how to monetize it. The ad model is good, but it may anger the user base including myself. I think keeping it a free service is key though

    I would not get involved directly with mobile SMS. Let your complimenters do that and use their services like Yahoo and etc. I think meebo me is going to the bread and butter of meebo as well as adding chat rooms.

    I think you may have the makings of a great marketing research company. Think about how I am leaving a comment on this blog. You can have chatrooms dedicated to a blog entry vice a comment stream. You can offer this too companies like techcrunch for free and allows them to have their users discuss blog entries and thoughts in real time. Because the nature of the a public chat forum there should be no “private data” entries against a blog entry. This data can be mined for good public market research.

  111. cloudy Says:

    why Skype is not available yet?

  112. mani Says:

    hi i am mani i wanna a website that i able send sms .
    thank u.

  113. billy Says:

    Hello pretty,
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  115. Percentage of Internet users that use some sort of instant messaging - BigBlueBall Forums Says:

    [...] decentralized nature of the protocol.Rozmic IM: 1 million users (April 2007)Meebo: 1 million users (October 2006)Tjat : 4.245 users 0.63 million active users (site)iGo Incognito: unknown; no objective numbers [...]

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