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12 June 2008

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  1. Meshaal denies Hamas gets military aid from Iran
  2. Jumblatt talks about the Lebanese situation
  3. World's biggest beer deal brewing
  4. Talat on Northern Cyprus' future
  5. Film-maker Cristian Mungiu on European cinema
  6. French and German gas firms accused of cartel.
  7. Merger on the cards for two German banks
  8. Italy's Monicelli talks movies and politics
  9. Albania's PM quizzed on crime, corruption, Kosovo and Russia
  10. The euro weakens but European stocks strengthen


  1. Spotlight on human rights as Chechnya rebuilds
  2. Chewing over the future of Franco-German relations
  3. Mediterranean : Views from the Left
  4. Czech Republik: Manipulation of History?
  5. Purchasing power blues among French middle class
  6. French ambitions for European defense
  7. New wave of film-makers gets Israeli cinema back on track
  8. The re-invention of Poland's Katowice
  9. Louis Michel takes the EU aid message to schools
  10. Cowan rallies Irish for EU treaty referendum


  1. "Oldest" Christian church discovered in Jordan
  2. London's Science Museum looks ahead to 2050
  3. Satellites used to combat rocketing food prices
  4. Scientists show off research innovation
  5. Fishing for tomorrow
  6. The future for food allergy research
  7. Scientists make extinct DNA function in a mouse
  8. Scientists show off more research developments
  9. Phoenix probe prepares for life on Mars research
  10. Attention job-seekers: astronauts wanted


  1. Incredible! Yet another Hulk hits the big screen
  2. Italian Carlo Ratti tests the limits of architecture
  3. Border Breakers Awards hail Europe's musical debutants
  4. Pushing the limits of design
  5. Supernatural thrills in "The Happening"
  6. Wagner's Tristan and Isolde opens in Milan
  7. The Olivier Messiaen competition for contemporary piano
  8. Spottiswoode new release centres on 1930s China
  9. Emmanuel Jal releases third album - 'Warchild'
  10. What is Talent?
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