What is “Sustainability is Sexy”?

Sustainability is Sexy is an environmental organization determined to reduce the negative environmental impact on our planet caused by disposable coffee cups.  We see and use paper cups everyday - but most people don't realize the bitter environmental impact their coffee habit carries.  It's our mission to motivate coffee drinkers to use reusable coffee cups instead of using disposable paper cups.

Coffee Cups? Really??

Unbeknownst to many, paper coffee cups are extremely wasteful! Because of FDA standards, most cups cannot be made out of recycled paper. Even worse, wax and other non-paper materials in cups prevent them from being recycled. Considering that 16 billion cups are used in the U.S. every year, this is no small amount of waste.

But bringing my own cup sounds like a pain.

We realize that bringing a cup can be a little inconvenient at first. To make the task more worth your effort, many coffee houses offer a discount to customers who bring their own mug. Imagine saving 25 cents on every cup of coffee you order from a coffee house. Considering how many coffee drinks are consumed by an average java junkie, this adds up to a lot of savings. The discount also works in favor for local businesses, because they spend less money stocking up on paper cups.

There's more benefits than that too.  Have you ever tasted lukewarm coffee?  Using your own cup will keep your drink hot much longer than a paper mug.  We've even designed a Sustainability Is Sexy reusable mug that looks sexy and saves the planet a little bit each time you fill it up. 

So what is Sustainability is Sexy doing to help?

Most people simply don't know how much waste their coffee consumption produces. Our group works to educate coffee drinkers about their disposable habit.  We also help college campuses, student groups, local coffee houses, and community groups run their own Sustainability Is Sexy campaign. 

What a great idea! How can I help?

If you want to help, start drinking out of a travel mug! Spread our message by telling your friends, family, and coffee-house aquaintances too. And of course, you can always spread the eco-message by wearing “sustainability is sexy” T-shirts and using a "sustainability is sexy" reusable coffee cup. As more and more people use sustainable cups, fewer trees will be cut down and CO2 levels from cup manufacturing facilities will drop.

If you are part of a university, student club, or coffee house and would like to run a Sustainability Is Sexy educational marketing campaign, click on the Join Us link.
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