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Besides language school, Minerva offers its students a number of other after-class activities to modivate your learning and speaking Spanish.  By participating in these activities you'll have the opportunity to learn more about the local area customs and the Spanish speaking world.

Some of our Current School Activities

  • Concerts of Guitar (National and Latin American music)
  • Latin American Guitar Classes
  • Concerts of Marimba
  • Marimba Classes
  • Weekly Classes of Salsa & Meringue
  • Courses on Karate, Tai Chi, Tao and Gnosis
  • Conferences - Anthropology, History and the Economy of Guatemala and Latin America are some of the topics
  • Films - From Cuba, Spain, Mexico, Central America and South America about History, Politics and Culture
  • Indigenous Weaving classes - Learn traditional techniques and designs from Indigenous women
  • Fiestas Locas - Dinner Parties - Students and teachers get together at the end of the week
  • Football - Student vs Teachers

Football - Los Maestros contra Los Estudiantes


See Excursions and Volunteer Projects for
additional activities available to Minerva students ....


Classes de Salsa

Play the Marimba
Classes are arranged
according to student interests and musical experience, including beginners and those with extensive musical experience.

Más Información


El Director Doñ Julio

Guitar Lessons

Hours of study are flexible, and the program of study varies according to the interests of the student. Classes are a modest $5.00 per hour.




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