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Bendigo’s first tramways opened in 1890, with regular electric tram services commencing in 1903. In 1971, the tramways system came under threat of closure. With public opinion running high, a small study group was set up by The Bendigo Trust to examine the possibilities of retaining the trams as a tourist attraction.

The project was an ideal companion to The Bendigo Trust’s other attraction, Central Deborah Gold Mine, with tram access directly to the site.

The Bendigo Trust was successful in its venture, when, in September 1972, the Victorian Cabinet of the day announced it had approved a two year trial of the tourist tramways The Bendigo Trust had recommended.

The Bendigo Vintage ‘Talking’ Tram service commenced in December 1972 and remains in operation today.

The current track runs from the Central Deborah Gold Mine through Pall Mall in the city’s centre, to Lake Weeroona and the Chinese Joss House on the north side of the city.

No other city which closed its tramways, left track, trams and a depot behind in the manner that Bendigo did, so while there are several worthwhile tram museums in Australia, none are able to engage with their city in the way that Bendigo’s trams do.

The Bendigo Tram Depot is now the oldest operating depot in Australia, and each tram tour includes a stop at the heritage listed depot to explore history dating back to 1903.

The original fleet of 23 trams is being carefully restored in our depot by the Bendigo Heritage Rail Workshop, which has enabled major restoration works not only for Bendigo’s fleet but for other depots and museums around Australia and overseas.

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