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Remembering Mismatched Domains

Those of you who use Mozilla Firefox to access a website that has either a shared or a poorly designed SSL certificate, or Mozilla Thunderbird to check more than one email account from the same server, will have experienced the Domain Name Mismatch error. This error is generated when the SSL Certificate for the domain does not match the URL you have provided for the mail server.

I found this to be a huge pain, and I finally stumbled accross this excellent little plugin for Firefox and Thunderbird

Using this plugin, you will still be prompt with the error, but gives you the option of telling Firefox and Thunderbird to no longer prompt you again for that domain.

Mini Java RCON Tool

I’ve quickly thrown together a small Java RCON Tool for sending remote commands to Source-based games from the Steam collection called JavRecon. It’s written purely in java, and isn’t anything particularly fancy but quite handy none the less.

You can download it here.

I am also working on another tool over at Sourceforge called JRcon, it works off the same idea but it is intended to be a lot more sophisticated and have a lot more options. Why you say? Simple, its platform independant, hopefully it’ll be another small step forward in removing the shackles of Windows from the gaming world.

Linux From Scratch

Linux From Scratch is a project that allows you to create your own fully customized Linux system following step-by-step guides entirely from source.

Why you ask? The idea is to provide users with a better understanding of the internal workings of the Linux OS, it allows you to create a distribution that contains only what you need, without all the extra applications and packages that you’ll never use, and allows you edit and adjust every single aspect of your system before you’ve even installed it onto your own machine.

You can find the project here, its a must for any Linux enthusiast with some time to spare…