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'10000 Days' album doesn't use Tool wisely.

Publication: Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL)

Publication Date: 12-MAY-06
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COPYRIGHT 2006 Chicago Tribune

Byline: Greg Kot

May 12--Tool albums drop out of the sky about once every five years. They land like visitors from a world where painstakingly elaborate cover art still matters, and single songs still take up an entire side of an old-fashioned LP.

The latest Tool visitation, "10000 Days" (Dissection/Volcano), adheres to this anti-formula for success. And, like its multimillion-selling 2001 predecessor, "Lateralus," it is extraordinarily successful. A few days ago, "10000 Days" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart, with more than 560,000 sales.

Tool's (performing Saturday at the Auditorium Theatre)...

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