Hammond Chord Organ Schematics

Here are some reasonable quality scans of the diagrams from the service manual for an S-6 chord organ. These schematics are only for people who know what they are doing, and may be here for a limited time only due to their size.

As of 6/11/2002, it has come to my attention that Figures 6 and 7 don't get displayed by Microsoft's Internet Explorer. (I'm using IE 5.5.) These images load just fine in other browsers, such as Netscape, Mozilla, and Opera. Go figure. If you need Figures 6 and 7 and are using IE, just position the mouse on one of the links, click the right mouse button, and select "Save Target As..." from the context menu. This will save the file on your hard drive. You'll need a paint program or image viewer to display the saved file, however, since IE won't like it any better. Irfanview is a highly recommended freeware image viewer for PCs. (Let me know how it works for you, I haven't tried it. I'm still using trusty old Paint Shop Pro, but it's not free.)

Of course, you can always use another browser....

Figure Title Size
Figure 6 Schematic Diagram of Chord Organ Model S-6 444 KB
Figure 7 Wiring Diagram of Chord Organ Model S-6 253 KB
Figure 10 Generator, Tuner Assembly, and Control Assembly Exposed 114 KB
Figure 11 Keyboard, Chord Switch, and Balancers Exposed 92 KB
Figure 12 Generator - Model S-6 91 KB
Figure 13 Inside of Generator Model S-6 201 KB
Figure 14 Wiring of Control Assembly - Model S-6 120 KB
Figure 15 Organ Oscillator Assembly 60 KB
Figure 16 Inside of Organ Oscillator Assembly 164 KB

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