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Please note:

It has come to my attention that the ASA website "Getting the Word Out", that this site was built to parody, has finally been taken down. It has also come to my attention that, in the absence of the "Getting the Word Out" site to compare it to, some people have been taking this site in the wrong manner. Please be aware that the first portion of this site seeks to portray me in the same stereotyped and offensive manner that "Getting the Word Out" portrayed all autistic people in. The things said in the first portion of this site are not reflective of my own opinions about my life, although all of them are things that have been said, or suggested, by other people, to or about me, at various points in time. The point was not to explain my life in its entirety — one reason I chose for a long time to remain anonymous — it was, in part, to explain how all such stereotypes of any disabled person are arrived at in one way or another by the same kind of fear-mongering, histrionics, and selective editing for "bad stuff" that are shown here. And to show this for the destructive and short-sighted fundraising technique that it was.

If you are interested in the real message of this website, and the context in which it was written, please read through the entire site, and follow the links at the end. But please be aware that it was initially written in response to, and parody of, a website that, fortunately, is no longer there. And that many characteristics of this specific website exist only because they were characteristics of the other, not because they reflect my actual beliefs or the entirety of my life. Sadly, there are still many websites similar to "Getting the Word Out," so the message of this site is still relevant.

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