Installing and Configuring Scriblio

You want to use Scriblio at your place of work and want to know how to get started. This page will outline the requirements and the steps involved in getting Scriblio running.


Scriblio is based on WordPress, so you can follow their five minute installation instructions to get started, though we highly recommend that you use Subversion to install and update WordPress.

The quick installation instructions on the download page will get you started, though be sure your server has current versions of PHP and MySQL. This installation screencast walks through a typical installation using Subversion.


Once you get WordPress and the Scriblio components installed, the wp-config.php file created, and you’ve run through the install script, it’s time to introduce yourself to the the dashboard and administration panels. That’s where you’ll activate the plugins and theme that make Scriblio work. The installation screencast includes those steps as well.


The best place to get help with installation and configuration questions is in the Scriblio group.

12 Responses to “Installing and Configuring Scriblio”

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    un usual Says:

    show me the requirements!

  • 2
    Paul Says:

    Hi, I’m trying to get Scriblio up and running, but when I add it to my plugins folder and subsequently activate it, I get this lovely little error: “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.” I do believe I meet all the server requirements.

    Maybe it’s because I’m on the latest version of Wordpress???

    Thanks for any help.


  • 3
    Casey Says:


    That error haunts me. I assume you’re using the most recently released version. If so, go to Options -> bSuite and click the PHP Info button. The big thing to look for there is that it’s PHP 5.x, but you should compare it to this one, as any differences may be worth looking into.

    Finally, you should try to figure out exactly what error is happening. Unfortunately that requires some work. First, make sure display_errors is on in your php.ini or .htaccess. Then, in your active theme’s index.php, add the following lines of PHP code:

    require( ABSPATH . 'wp-content/plugins/scriblio/scriblio.php');

    That should cause whatever errors are occurring to be shown on the page when you load the front page of your WordPress site.

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    Daniel Says:

    I installed Wordpress 2.3.3 and uploaded all the Scriblio plugins. The only one I can’t activate is “Leveraging WordPress as a library OPAC”. What I get is “Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ “……on line 84.
    What have I done wrong?

  • 5
    Casey Says:

    @Daniel: It looks like you’re running PHP4.

  • 6
    Hazman Aziz Says:

    Is it possible to make your requirments public?

  • 7
    Casey Says:

    @Hazman Aziz: I’ve just rewritten this page and fixed the broken link to requirements. The requirements are also listed on download page.

    MySQL 5.x
    PHP 5.1 or newer
    Apache with mod_rewrite

  • 8
    Lluis Says:


    I’m librarian of Spanish Library. I install Wordpress and all of the plugins. I’ve got a problem with de import. Can someone tell me what Marc format is? I’ve done the import with MARC ISO 2709 but I didn’t import anything.

    In other order, where do registers go in the Wordpress?

    Thank you

  • 9
    Christopher Rios Says:

    Does Scriblio work with WordPress 2.5?

  • 10
    Christopher Rios Says:

    Never mind. I saw in the revision history that WordPress 2.5 is included.

  • 11
    David Kane Says:

    Hi I am testing Scriblio at

    I am using the current verison fo WP (2.5) and am able to use the III importer (we are an Innovative library) to parse the records directly from our OPAC.

    When it comes to ‘publish harvesterd records’ nothing happens, unfortunately.

    I get no errors and no warnings.

    Anyone can shed light on this?


    David Kane
    Systems Librarian
    Waterford Institute of Technology

  • 12
    Casey Says:

    @David Kane:

    There was a thread about this on the mail list:

    There’s an inconsistent problem in the creation of the wp_scrib_harvest table, and on top of that WP2.5x supresses more DB errors than it used to. Can you take a look and make sure that table is there, and report back to the list?

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