Using Subversion

Subversion (SVN) is an free version control system, and according to Wikipedia, it’s the most popular VCS in the open source community. But its popularity isn’t nearly as important as what it does: make it easier to keep things up to date.

Subversion can operate as both a client and server, but to use it with Scriblio, all you’ll need is the client. The client software runs on whatever computer you’re hosting (or developing) Scriblio on, and at your command will update the Scriblio software to the latest available (it can do a lot more, see below).


Subversion is available for a number of platforms, but if you’re hosting Scriblio/WordPress on Linux, it can most easily be installed using YUM. On RedHat 5.x, Fedora, and CentOS (and others?) simply entering this command as root will do all the work:

yum install subversion

It’s also worth noting that most of the development of Scriblio is done on Mac OS X, where SVN is run as a command line application with an easy graphical installer.


You can download the Scriblio plugin directly into your WordPress plugins folder.

Change directories into the plugins folder:
cd wp-content/plugins/

Tell SVN to get stable version 2.3v6 from the server and put it into a folder named “scriblio”:
svn checkout scriblio

Similarly, you can cd into the site’s wp-content/themes directory and download the Scriblio theme:
svn checkout scriblio

There’s no need to untar or unzip the files, SVN puts all of the files in the folder you specify, ready for you to activate them. And updating is even easier, simply cd into wp-content/plugins/scriblio (or the theme’s directory), and tell SVN to update:

svn update

Other commands you should explore:

svn info
svn status
svn diff
svn help

Repository Layout

Stable versions can be found in /tags, here:

Development versions are in /trunk:

Repository Status

Information from the repository about the last several updates:

  • Revision 70: updated 2008-06-05 21:58:35 -0400 (Thu, 05 Jun 2008), by bisson:
    scriblio 2.5.1 beta 1! a lot of stuff is broken.
    Changed files:
    • A plugin/trunk/img/
    • A plugin/trunk/img/jacket/
    • A plugin/trunk/img/jacket/.htaccess
    • A plugin/trunk/img/jacket/blank_audio.png
    • A plugin/trunk/img/jacket/blank_book.png
    • A plugin/trunk/img/jacket/blank_books.png
    • A plugin/trunk/img/jacket/blank_cover.psd
    • A plugin/trunk/img/jacket/blank_misc.png
    • A plugin/trunk/img/jacket/blank_video.png
    • A plugin/trunk/img/jacket/blank_websites.png
    • U plugin/trunk/importer.php
    • U plugin/trunk/importer_iii.php
    • U plugin/trunk/scriblio.php
    • U plugin/trunk/scriblio_admin.php
  • Revision 69: updated 2008-06-02 16:05:51 -0400 (Mon, 02 Jun 2008), by bisson:
    adding contrib/hkust directory
    Changed files:
    • A contrib/hkust/
  • Revision 68: updated 2008-06-02 16:04:57 -0400 (Mon, 02 Jun 2008), by bisson:
    Changed files:
    • D contrib/thing
  • Revision 67: updated 2008-06-02 16:04:37 -0400 (Mon, 02 Jun 2008), by ktlam:
    Changed files:
    • A contrib/thing
  • Revision 66: updated 2008-06-02 16:02:01 -0400 (Mon, 02 Jun 2008), by ktlam:
    Changed files:
    • D contrib/test
  • Revision 65: updated 2008-06-02 15:51:40 -0400 (Mon, 02 Jun 2008), by bisson:
    Changed files:
    • A contrib/test
  • Revision 64: updated 2008-06-02 15:50:23 -0400 (Mon, 02 Jun 2008), by bisson:
    adding contrib directory for contributed harvester plugins and others
    Changed files:
    • A contrib/
  • Revision 63: updated 2008-06-02 15:14:55 -0400 (Mon, 02 Jun 2008), by bisson:
    Changed files:
    • U theme/trunk/404.php
  • Revision 62: updated 2008-05-27 11:45:29 -0400 (Tue, 27 May 2008), by bisson:
    updated default theme to reflect the move of javascript functionality from theme to plugin.
    Changed files:
    • U theme/trunk/header.php
    • D theme/trunk/scripts/
    • U theme/trunk/search.php
    • U theme/trunk/single.php
    • U theme/trunk/style.css
  • Revision 61: updated 2008-05-27 11:39:16 -0400 (Tue, 27 May 2008), by bisson:
    removed demo content from svn as it is very outdated and incompatible with any scriblio versions since last september.
    Changed files:
    • D demo_content/
  • Revision 60: updated 2008-05-27 11:36:00 -0400 (Tue, 27 May 2008), by bisson:
    tagged the 2.3 code as mostly stable so we can begin alpha…beta testing on the 2.5.1 code
    Changed files:
    • A plugin/tags/2.3v6/

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