TO: IT Executive (CTO, CIO, CEO, IT Manager) FROM: Open Source Advocate (You) RE: Instant evaluation access to Open Source in your organisation You have heard of all the hype in Open Source with lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or Total Economic Impact (TEI)? Evaluate Open Source now in your organisation at no cost or risk with this software package. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Download & install VMware Player Now!. Installation Instructions 2. Download & unzip the UltimateLAMP VMTN Virtual Machine. Now! 3. Run VMware player and open the UltimateLAMP Virtual Machine. 4. Follow the on screen instructions to immediately use any of the various included software applications.


UltimateLAMP includes a long list of popular LAMP stack applications. For more information take a look a the UltimateLAMP products list.

With the success of this first product, research has already commenced in our next two products UltimateLAMJ (Open Source Java Based Applications) and UltimateLAMR (Open Source Ruby Applications).

Coming Soon: Our UltimateLAMP Live CD.

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  • Oct 27 2006 - Information regarding Passwords.
  • Aug 14 2006 - And the winners are?
  • May 20 2006 - VMware Appliance Challenge Application.
  • May 15 2006 - Version 0.2 release of UltimateLAMP.
  • May 12 2006 - Initial Version 0.1 release of UltimateLAMP.