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Tel Aviv/Los Angeles Partnership

In 1997, The Jewish Federation established its Tel Aviv/Los Angeles Partnership, which seeks to foster and create relationships between the citizens and institutions of Tel Aviv and Los Angeles. Though separated by more than 7,000 miles, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles have much in common; both are coastal cities, both are home to large and ethnically diverse populations, and both are major business and cultural centers in their regions.

Recognized by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Tel Aviv-Yafo Mayor Ron Huldai – who serve as its honorary co-chairs – the Partnership is comprised of programs in both communities in the areas of culture, education, health and human services, and economic initiatives. Read on for more about a few of the Partnership's successful programs.

Film and Television Master Class
Each summer, the Partnership's Film and Television Master Class brings together entertainment industry professionals for a truly unique exchange of culture and intellect. Read More

Opera Master Class
The Opera Master Class, presented for the first time in Tel Aviv in March 2006, draws on the talents of young opera singers from both Los Angeles and Tel Aviv.
Read More

School Twinnings
Initiated in 1997, the School Twinning Program developed as a component of The Jewish Federation’s Tel Aviv/Los Angeles Partnership Program. Read More

Café Europa
Café Europa is a Holocaust survivors’ support group created in 2001 by the Partnership in conjunction with Jewish Family Service (JFS) and the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo. Read More

Exchanges in Public Policy and Social Services
The Partnership actively works to facilitate the exchange of ideas and expertise in the fields of social welfare and public policy. In the recent past, the Partnership has held seminars on such pertinent topics as identifying and reducing incidences of domestic violence, and preparedness and response to natural disasters and acts of terrorism. Seminars have also brought together professionals in the field of social services to discuss the best means of caring for society’s most needy individuals specifically stemming from large immigrant populations. The two large cities, which much in common, gain considerably from the sharing of best practices.

  Tel Aviv LA Partnership Programs  
- Film and Television Master Class
- Opera Master Class
- School Twinnings
- Cafe Europa
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