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Monday, June 23, 2008
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False Prophet Hal Lindsay Wants War on Iran

False Prophet Hal Lindsay Wants War on Iran Pat Robertson isn’t the only Christian jihadist stirring up hatred and war mongering for the Bush Cabal. Now Hal Lindsay is calling for the invasion of Iran

Besides false prophet Hal Lindsay wants to blow up your planet. In fact he's been counting on it ever since he wrote "The Late Great Planet Earth," which predicts the demise of Terra. Why? Because his Belief System (BS) tells him so.

Faux Christian Hal Lindsay has been called the "Father of Apocalyptic Christian Zionism." His false prophecies have littered the landscape with failed doom and gloom scenarios for decades. Recently he has written a new pseudo-religious rant called "Iran could ignite catastrophe" on the extremist WorldNetDaily website.

Lindsay wants Iran to be nuked or at least invaded by the Bush Cabal since he believes he won’t get "rapturized" until the end of the world.

Lindsay’s specious reasoning again brings up the boogeyman of a "threat of a nuclear Iran” as well as the idea that "Israel is virtually certain to be Tehran's prime target.

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