Lois Moran
The Fitzgeralds return to Riviera and rent Villa Paquita at Juan-les-Pins.
The Hemingways join the Murphys and the Fitzgeralds on the Riviera. The Fitzgeralds turn their villa over to the Hemingways and move to Villa St. Louis, Juan-les-Pins.
Sail back to America on the Conte Biancamano .
Scott is invited to Hollywood by United Artists producer John W. Constantine to write a flapper comedy for actress Constance Talmadge. Scott and Zelda stay at the Ambassador Hotel in an Ambassador bungalow. They meet 17 year old actress Lois Moran with whom Scott was instantly charmed. Zelda felt Scott was becoming over friendly with Lois and as they quarreled about her, Scott said to Zelda that at least Lois did something with herself, "something that required not only talent, but effort." Over the years Scott had constantly sniped at Zelda to get off his back and do her own thing but Zelda was particularly hurt by this latest remark and one night when Scott was having dinner with the young star, Zelda returned to her bungalow, threw all the clothes she had designed and brought with her for the trip into the bath and burnt them. It is believed that this was the fateful night when Zelda decided she would take Scott's goading on board and actually do something with herself - she would make a name for herself. She considered writing, painting, but decided on dancing - ballet dancing. She would become, "a Pavlova - nothing less."
The Fitzgeralds return from Hollywood. On the train trip back, they argue yet again about Lois Moran and Zelda threw a platinum wrist watch that Scott had bought her during their courtship out of the train window.