What is Linear-K?
Linear-K is an end-to-end Content Management Editor for technical documentation and maintenance.
Linear-K is used for creating IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals) solutions, which provide fully integrated management of technical content:
  Catalogs   Descriptions and Operation
  Maintenance   Drawings
  Fault Isolation   Training
Developed in close cooperation with MHT - Technical Publications and Training / Israeli Aircraft Industries, who has selected it as the tool of choice for electronic documentation and provides the IETMHT product, a specially customized version of Linear-K.
Highlights   Benefits
  • Standalone or web-based
  • Content filtered on user role and product effectivity
  • Built-in support for military and industrial standards
  • Displays content from leading authoring and cataloging tools
  • Automates the business processes involved in creating
        technical documentation
  • Provides an automated and structured environment for
        maintenance staff
  • Increase equipment availability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improve training efficiency
  • Eliminate errors in maintenance
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • "This IETM tool reflects IAI's leadership in the areas of technical documentation and training, and is a significant building block in our strategy of Transforming Knowledge into Performance"

    MHT / Israeli Aircraft Industries