GLBTI Mormon Links

Family Fellowship
GALA Gay and Lesbian Acceptance
Gamofites: Gay Mormon Fathers
Gamofite News: Quarterly Newsletter
LDS Reconciliation
LDS Resources .info
The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ

Mailing Lists & Blogs

The Affirmation Blog
Gay and at BYU
Gay Mormons Europe
LDS Lesbians
Mormon Lesbians
European LDS Lesbians
The Cha-Cha Brotherhood: Gay LDS men who are or have previously been married
Listas de correo en espaņol

Mormon Forums

Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought
Liberal Mormon .net
Mormon Alliance
Mormon Women's Forum
Mormons for Equality and Social Justice
Reform Mormonism
Signature Books
Sunstone Foundation

Youth Resources
Resources for GLBTQ Mormon Youth

University Groups

University of Utah Lesbian & Gay Student Union
Utah State University Pride Alliance
Gay Straight Alliance at UVU
Weber State University Gay Straight Alliance

Women's Resources
Women's Links

Couples, Families, and Adoption

Daddy, Papa & Me: A journal about two dads, their daughter, adoption, parenting and creating a family
The APA on Lesbian & Gay Parenting

Resources for Parents & Allies
Resources for Parents & Allies

Resources for Heterosexually Married Couples
Resources for Heterosexually Married Couples

Education & Activism
Education & Activism

Same-Sex Unions
Same-Sex Unions

Health Links

Gay/Gay-Friendly Utah Links

Utah Pride Center
The Salt Lake Men's Choir
Utah Pride Interfaith
Utah Pride
Utah AIDS Foundation

Faith-based GLBTQ Groups
See also Rachel Miller's list

A Common Bond  Jehovah's Witnesses
Affirmation  United Methodists for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Concerns
Al-Fatiha  Muslims
The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry (CLGS)
Changing Attitude  British Anglican group
Dignity/USA  Roman Catholics
Evangelicals Concerned
Evangelicals Concerned Western Region  a different organization
Friends for Lesbian and Gay Concerns  Friends/"Quakers"
GALA Gay and Lesbian Acceptance - Community of Christ (formerly known as RLDS Church)
Gay Buddhist Fellowship
Gay Christian Network  international and ecumenical
Homosexuelle und Kirche  German ecumenical group--in English & German
Inclusive Church  British Anglican group
Integrity USA  Episcopalians
Jewish Mosaic: The National Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity
Keshet Ga'avah  The World Congress of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Jews
Kinship International  Seventh-Day Adventists
Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement  British ecumenical group
Lutherans Concerned
Metropolitan Community Churches
More Light Presbyterians
NUJLS  National Union of Jewish Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Intersex Students
Nehirim  GLBT Jewish Culture and Spirituality
New Ways Ministry Roman Catholics
Rainbow Baptists  American Baptists and Southern Baptists
Safra Project  Muslims
Shower of Stoles  Ecumenical
TransFaith Online  Transgender Christians
Welcoming Community Network  Community of Christ (formerly known as RLDS Church)

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