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House of Lords: alphabetical list of Members

Biographies are provided by Dod's Parliamentary Communications.

Peers on leave of absence do not appear on this alpabetical list.

List of Peers granted leave of absence


ActonLordLabour biog
Adams of CraigieleaBaronessLabour biog
AddingtonLordLiberal Democrat biog
AdebowaleLordCrossbench biog
AdonisLordLabour biog
AfsharBaronessCrossbench biog
AhmedLordLabour biog
AlderdiceLordLiberal Democrat biog
Allenby of MegiddoViscountCrossbench biog
AlliLordLabour biog
AllianceLordLiberal Democrat biog
Alton of LiverpoolLordCrossbenchwebsite biog
AmosBaronessLabour biog
AmpthillLordCrossbench biog
Anderson of SwanseaLordLabour biog
AndrewsBaronessLabour biog
Anelay of St JohnsBaronessConservative biog
Archer of SandwellLordLabour biog
Archer of Weston-Super-MareLordOther biog
Armstrong of IlminsterLordCrossbench biog
ArranEarl of Conservative biog
AshcroftLordConservativewebsite biog
Ashdown of Norton-sub-HamdonLordLiberal Democrat biog
Ashley of StokeLordLabour biog
Ashton of UphollandBaronessLabour biog
AstorViscountConservative biog
Astor of HeverLordConservative biog
AttenboroughLordLabour biog
AttleeEarlConservative biog
AveburyLordLiberal Democrat biog
BachLordLabour biog
BagriLordConservative biog
Baker of DorkingLordConservative biog
Baldwin of BewdleyEarlCrossbench biog
BallyedmondLordConservative biog
Barber of TewkesburyLordCrossbench biog
BarkerBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
BarnettLordLabour biog
Bassam of BrightonLordLabour biog
BellLordConservative biog
BerkeleyLordLabour biog
Bernstein of CraigweilLordLabour biog
BestLordCrossbench biog
BewLordCrossbench biog
BhatiaLordCrossbench biog
BhattacharyyaLordLabour biog
BilimoriaLordCrossbench biog
BillinghamBaronessLabour biog
BilstonLordLabour biog
Bingham of CornhillLordCrossbench biog
BirtLordCrossbench biog
Black of CrossharbourLordOther biog
BlackstoneBaronessLabour biog
BlackwellLordConservative biog
BlakerLordConservative biog
BledisloeViscountCrossbench biog
BloodBaronessLabour biog
Blyth of RowingtonLordConservative biog
Bonham-Carter of YarnburyBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
BoothroydBaronessCrossbench biog
BorrieLordLabour biog
Boston of FavershamLordCrossbench biog
Bottomley of NettlestoneBaronessConservative biog
BownessLordConservative biog
BoyceLordCrossbench biog
Boyd of DuncansbyLordLabour biog
Brabazon of TaraLordOther biog
BradleyLordLabour biog
BradshawLordLiberal Democrat biog
BraggLordLabour biog
BramallLordCrossbench biog
BrennanLordLabour biog
BrettLordLabour biog
BridgemanViscountConservative biog
BridgesLordCrossbench biog
BriggsLordCrossbench biog
Brittan of SpennithorneLordConservative biog
BroersLordCrossbench biog
Brooke of AlverthorpeLordLabour biog
Brooke of Sutton MandevilleLordConservative biog
BrookeboroughViscountCrossbench biog
BrookmanLordLabour biog
Brooks of TremorfaLordLabour biog
Brougham and VauxLordConservative biog
Brown of Eaton-under-HeywoodLordCrossbench biog
Browne of BelmontLordCrossbench biog
Browne of MadingleyLordCrossbench biog
Browne-WilkinsonLordCrossbench biog
Bruce-LockhartLordConservative biog
BurnettLordLiberal Democrat biog
BurnsLordCrossbench biog
BuscombeBaronessConservative biog
Butler of BrockwellLordCrossbench biog
Butler-SlossBaronessCrossbench biog
ByfordBaronessConservative biog
CaithnessEarl of Conservative biog
Cameron of DillingtonLordCrossbench biog
Cameron of LochbroomLordCrossbench biog
Campbell of AllowayLordConservative biog
Campbell of SurbitonBaronessCrossbench biog
Campbell-SavoursLordLabour biog
CanterburyArchbishop of Bishops biog
Carey of CliftonLordCrossbench biog
Carlile of BerriewLordLiberal Democrat biog
CarlisleBishop of Bishops biog
Carnegy of LourBaronessConservative biog
Carr of HadleyLordConservative biog
CarringtonLordConservative biog
CarswellLordCrossbench biog
Carter of ColesLordLabour biog
CathcartEarlConservative biog
Cavendish of FurnessLordConservative biog
ChadlingtonLordConservative biog
ChalfontLordCrossbench biog
Chalker of WallaseyBaronessConservative biog
ChandosViscountLabour biog
ChapmanBaronessCrossbench biog
ChelmsfordBishop of Bishops biog
ChesterBishop of Bishops biog
ChichesterBishop of Bishops biog
ChidgeyLordLiberal Democrat biog
ChilverLordConservative biog
ChitnisLordCrossbench biog
CholmondeleyMarquess of Crossbench biog
ChorleyLordCrossbench biog
ChristopherLordLabour biog
Clark of CaltonBaronessOther biog
Clark of WindermereLordLabour biog
Clarke of HampsteadLordLabour biog
Clement-JonesLordLiberal Democrat biog
Clinton-DavisLordLabour biog
ClydeLordCrossbench biog
CobboldLordCrossbench biog
CoeLordConservative biog
Cohen of PimlicoBaronessLabour biog
Colville of CulrossViscountCrossbench biog
ColwynLordConservative biog
CondonLordCrossbench biog
Cope of BerkeleyLordConservative biog
Corbett of Castle ValeLordLabour biog
CorstonBaronessLabour biog
CotterLordLiberal Democrat biog
CourtownEarl of Conservative biog
CoussinsBaronessCrossbench biog
CoxBaronessCrossbench biog
Craig of RadleyLordCrossbench biog
CraigavonViscountCrossbench biog
CrathorneLordConservative biog
Crawford and BalcarresEarl of Conservative biog
CrawleyBaronessLabour biog
CrickhowellLordConservative biog
CrispLordCrossbench biog
CrohamLordCrossbench biog
CuckneyLordConservative biog
Cullen of WhitekirkLordCrossbench biog
CumberlegeBaronessConservative biog
Cunningham of FellingLordLabour biog
Currie of MaryleboneLordCrossbench biog
D'SouzaBaronessCrossbench biog
DahrendorfLordCrossbench biog
Darzi of DenhamLordLabour biog
DavidBaronessLabour biog
Davidson of Glen ClovaLordLabour biog
Davies of CoityLordLabour biog
Davies of OldhamLordLabour biog
De MauleyLordConservative biog
Dean of HarptreeLordConservative biog
Dean of Thornton-le-FyldeBaronessLabour biog
DearLordCrossbench biog
DearingLordCrossbench biog
DeechBaronessCrossbench biog
DenhamLordConservative biog
DesaiLordLabour biog
DholakiaLordLiberal Democrat biog
DixonLordLabour biog
Dixon-SmithLordConservative biog
DonoughueLordLabour biog
DraysonLordLabour biog
DubsLordLabour biog
DundeeEarl of Conservative biog
DunnBaronessCrossbench biog
DurhamBishop of Bishops biog
DykesLordLiberal Democrat biog
EamesLordCrossbench biog
EatwellLordLabour biog
EcclesViscountConservative biog
Eccles of MoultonBaronessConservative biog
Eden of WintonLordConservative biog
ElderLordLabour biog
Elis-ThomasLordCrossbench biog
EllesBaronessConservative biog
Elliott of MorpethLordConservative biog
EltonLordConservative biog
ElyBishop of Bishops biog
Elystan-MorganLordCrossbench biog
EmertonBaronessCrossbench biog
ErrollEarl of Crossbench biog
Evans of ParksideLordLabour biog
Evans of Temple GuitingLordLabour biog
Evans of WatfordLordLabour biog
ExeterBishop of Bishops biog
EzraLordLiberal Democrat biog
Falconer of ThorotonLordLabour biog
FalkenderBaronessLabour biog
FalklandViscountLiberal Democrat biog
Falkner of MargravineBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
Farrington of RibbletonBaronessLabour biog
Faulkner of WorcesterLordLabourwebsite biog
FearnLordLiberal Democrat biog
FeldmanLordConservative biog
FellowesLordCrossbench biog
FerrersEarlConservative biog
FilkinLordLabour biog
Finlay of LlandaffBaronessCrossbench biog
FlatherBaronessCrossbench biog
FlowersLordCrossbench biog
FookesBaronessConservative biog
FordBaronessLabour biog
Forsyth of DrumleanLordConservative biog
Foster of Bishop AucklandLordLabour biog
Foster of Thames BankLordCrossbench biog
Foulkes of CumnockLordLabour biog
FowlerLordConservative biog
Fraser of CarmyllieLordConservative biog
FreemanLordConservative biog
FreybergLordCrossbench biog
FritchieBaronessCrossbench biog
Fyfe of FairfieldLordLabour biog
GaleBaronessLabour biog
Garden of FrognalBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
Gardner of ParkesBaronessConservative biog
Garel-JonesLordConservative biog
GavronLordLabour biog
GeddesLordConservative biog
GeorgeLordCrossbench biog
Gibson of Market RasenBaronessLabour biog
GiddensLordLabour biog
GilbertLordLabour biog
GlasgowEarl of Liberal Democrat biog
GlenamaraLordLabour biog
GlenarthurLordConservative biog
GlentoranLordConservative biog
Goff of ChieveleyLordCrossbench biog
GoldingBaronessLabour biog
GoldsmithLordLabour biog
GoodhartLordLiberal Democrat biog
GoodladLordConservative biog
Gordon of StrathblaneLordLabour biog
GoschenViscountConservative biog
GoudieBaronessLabour biog
Gould of BrookwoodLordLabour biog
Gould of PotternewtonBaronessLabour biog
GrabinerLordLabour biog
Graham of EdmontonLordLabour biog
GrantchesterLordLabour biog
GreavesLordLiberal Democrat biog
GreenfieldBaronessCrossbench biog
GreengrossBaronessCrossbench biog
GreenwayLordCrossbench biog
GregsonLordLabour biog
GrenfellLordOther biog
GriffithsLordCrossbench biog
Griffiths of Burry PortLordLabour biog
Griffiths of FforestfachLordConservative biog
GrocottLordLabour biog
Guthrie of CraigiebankLordCrossbench biog
Hale of RichmondBaronessCrossbench biog
HameedLordCrossbench biog
Hamilton of EpsomLordConservative biog
HamweeBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
HanhamBaronessConservative biog
Hannay of ChiswickLordCrossbench biog
HanningfieldLordConservativewebsite biog
HardieLordCrossbench biog
Harries of PentregarthLordCrossbench biog
Harris of HaringeyLordLabour biog
Harris of PeckhamLordConservative biog
Harris of RichmondBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
HarrisonLordLabour biog
Hart of ChiltonLordLabour biog
HaskelLordLabour biog
HaskinsLordCrossbench biog
Hastings of ScarisbrickLordCrossbench biog
HattersleyLordLabour biog
HaworthLordLabour biog
HayhoeLordConservative biog
HaymanBaronessOther biog
HealeyLordLabour biog
HenigBaronessLabour biog
HenleyLordConservative biog
HeseltineLordConservative biog
HigginsLordConservative biog
Hilton of EggardonBaronessLabour biog
Hodgson of Astley AbbottsLordConservative biog
HoffmannLordCrossbench biog
HoggBaronessConservative biog
Hogg of CumbernauldLordLabour biog
HollickLordLabour biog
Hollis of HeighamBaronessLabour biog
HomeEarl of Conservative biog
HooperBaronessConservative biog
HoosonLordLiberal Democrat biog
Hope of CraigheadLordCrossbench biog
Hope of ThornesLordCrossbench biog
Howard of RisingLordConservative biog
Howarth of BrecklandBaronessCrossbench biog
Howarth of NewportLordLabour biog
HoweEarlConservative biog
Howe of AberavonLordConservative biog
Howe of IdlicoteBaronessCrossbench biog
Howell of GuildfordLordConservative biog
Howells of St. DavidsBaronessLabour biog
Howie of TroonLordLabour biog
HoyleLordLabour biog
Hughes of WoodsideLordLabour biog
Hunt of ChestertonLordLabour biog
Hunt of Kings HeathLordLabour biog
Hunt of WirralLordConservative biog
Hurd of WestwellLordConservative biog
HuttonLordCrossbench biog
HyltonLordCrossbench biog
ImbertLordCrossbench biog
IngeLordCrossbench biog
InglewoodLordConservative biog
Irvine of LairgLordLabour biog
JacobsLordLiberal Democrat biog
James of BlackheathLordConservative biog
James of Holland ParkBaronessConservative biog
Janner of BraunstoneLordLabour biog
JanvrinLordCrossbench biog
Jay of EwelmeLordCrossbench biog
Jay of PaddingtonBaronessLabour biog
Jenkin of RodingLordConservative biog
JoffeLordLabour biog
JonesLordLabour biog
Jones of BirminghamLordOther biog
Jones of CheltenhamLordLiberal Democrat biog
Jones of WhitchurchBaronessLabour biog
JoplingLordConservative biog
JordanLordLabour biog
JuddLordLabour biog
KalmsLordConservative biog
Kennedy of The ShawsBaronessLabour biog
Kerr of KinlochardLordCrossbench biog
KilclooneyLordCrossbench biog
Kilpatrick of KincraigLordCrossbench biog
KimballLordConservative biog
King of BridgwaterLordConservative biog
King of West BromwichLordLabour biog
KingsdownLordCrossbench biog
KingslandLordConservative biog
KingsmillBaronessLabour biog
KinnockLordLabour biog
KirkhamLordConservative biog
KirkhillLordLabour biog
Kirkwood of KirkhopeLordLiberal Democrat biog
Knight of CollingtreeBaronessConservative biog
KnightsLordCrossbench biog
KrebsLordCrossbench biog
Laing of DunphailLordConservative biog
LairdLordCrossbench biog
LamingLordCrossbench biog
Lamont of LerwickLordConservative biog
Lane of HorsellLordConservative biog
Lang of MonktonLordConservative biog
Lawson of BlabyLordConservative biog
LayardLordLabour biog
Lea of CrondallLordLabour biog
Leach of FairfordLordConservative biog
Lee of TraffordLordLiberal Democrat biog
LeicesterBishop of Bishops biog
LeitchLordLabour biog
Lester of Herne HillLordLiberal Democrat biog
Levene of PortsokenLordCrossbench biog
LevyLordLabour biog
Lewis of NewnhamLordCrossbench biog
LincolnBishop of Bishops biog
LindsayEarlConservative biog
Linklater of ButterstoneBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
LipseyLordCrossbench biog
ListowelEarl of Crossbench biog
LiverpoolEarl of Conservative biog
LiverpoolBishop of Bishops biog
Livsey of TalgarthLordLiberal Democrat biog
Lloyd of BerwickLordCrossbench biog
Lloyd-WebberLordConservative biog
LockwoodBaronessLabour biog
Lofthouse of PontefractLordLabour biog
LondonBishop of Bishops biog
Low of DalstonLordCrossbench biog
LucasLordConservative biog
LuceLordCrossbench biog
LudfordBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
LukeLordConservative biog
LyellLordConservative biog
Lyell of MarkyateLordConservative biog
Macaulay of BragarLordLabour biog
Macdonald of TradestonLordLabour biog
Macfarlane of BearsdenLordConservative biog
MacGregor of Pulham MarketLordConservative biog
Mackay of ClashfernLordConservative biog
Mackay of DrumadoonLordCrossbench biog
MacKenzie of CulkeinLordLabour biog
Mackenzie of FramwellgateLordLabour biog
Mackie of BenshieLordLiberal Democrat biog
MacLaurin of KnebworthLordConservative biog
Maclennan of RogartLordLiberal Democrat biog
MaddockBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
Maginnis of DrumglassLordCrossbench biog
MallalieuBaronessLabour biog
Malloch-BrownLordLabour biog
ManceLordCrossbench biog
ManchesterBishop of Bishops biog
MancroftLordConservative biog
Manningham-BullerBaronessCrossbench biog
MarCountess of Crossbench biog
Mar and KellieEarl of Liberal Democrat biog
MarlandLordConservative biog
MarlesfordLordConservative biog
MarshLordCrossbench biog
Marshall of KnightsbridgeLordCrossbench biog
Masham of IltonBaronessCrossbench biog
Mason of BarnsleyLordLabour biog
Massey of DarwenBaronessLabour biog
MawhinneyLordConservative biog
MawsonLordCrossbench biog
MaxtonLordLabour biog
May of OxfordLordCrossbench biog
Mayhew of TwysdenLordConservative biog
McAlpine of West GreenLordConservative biog
McCarthyLordLabour biog
McCluskeyLordCrossbench biog
McColl of DulwichLordConservative biog
McDonaghBaronessLabour biog
McFarlane of LlandaffBaronessCrossbench biog
McIntosh of HaringeyLordLabour biog
McIntosh of HudnallBaronessLabour biog
McKenzie of LutonLordLabour biog
McNallyLordLiberal Democrat biog
MeacherBaronessCrossbench biog
MethuenLordLiberal Democrat biog
Miller of Chilthorne DomerBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
Miller of HendonBaronessConservative biog
MillettLordCrossbench biog
MitchellLordLabour biog
MoggLordCrossbench biog
Molyneaux of KilleadLordCrossbench biog
MonsonLordCrossbench biog
Montagu of BeaulieuLordConservative biog
Montgomery of AlameinViscountCrossbench biog
MontroseDuke of Conservative biog
MoonieLordLabour biog
Moore of Lower MarshLordConservative biog
Moore of WolvercoteLordCrossbench biog
MoranLordCrossbench biog
MorganLordLabour biog
Morgan of DrefelinBaronessLabour biog
Morgan of HuytonBaronessLabour biog
Morris of AberavonLordLabour biog
Morris of BoltonBaronessConservative biog
Morris of HandsworthLordLabour biog
Morris of ManchesterLordLabour biog
Morris of YardleyBaronessLabour biog
MorrowLordCrossbench biog
MoserLordCrossbench biog
MoynihanLordConservative biog
MurphyBaronessCrossbench biog
Murton of LindisfarneLordConservative biog
MustillLordCrossbench biog
NasebyLordConservative biog
Neill of BladenLordCrossbench biog
NeubergerBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
Neuberger of AbbotsburyLordCrossbench biog
Neville-JonesBaronessConservative biog
NewbyLordLiberal Democrat biog
NewcastleBishop of Bishops biog
Newton of BraintreeLordConservative biog
Nicholls of BirkenheadLordCrossbench biog
Nicholson of WinterbourneBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
NicksonLordCrossbench biog
NicolBaronessLabour biog
NoakesBaronessConservative biog
NorfolkDuke of Crossbench biog
NorthbourneLordCrossbench biog
NorthbrookLordConservative biog
NortheskEarl of Conservative biog
NorthfieldLordLabour biog
NorthoverBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
Norton of LouthLordConservative biog
NorwichBishop of Bishops biog
O'CathainBaronessConservative biog
O'Neill of BengarveBaronessCrossbench biog
O'Neill of ClackmannanLordLabour biog
Oakeshott of Seagrove BayLordLiberal Democrat biog
OnslowEarl of Conservative biog
Oppenheim-BarnesBaronessConservative biog
OuseleyLordCrossbench biog
OwenLordCrossbench biog
OxburghLordCrossbench biog
Paisley of St George'sBaronessCrossbench biog
PalmerLordCrossbench biog
PalumboLordConservative biog
ParekhLordLabour biog
Park of MonmouthBaronessConservative biog
ParkinsonLordConservative biog
PatelLordCrossbench biog
Patel of BlackburnLordLabour biog
Patel of BradfordLordLabour biog
PattenLordConservative biog
Patten of BarnesLordConservative biog
PaulLordLabour biog
Pearson of RannochLordOther biog
PeelEarlCrossbench biog
PendryLordLabour biog
Perry of SouthwarkBaronessConservative biog
PestonLordLabour biog
PeterboroughBishop of Bishops biog
Phillips of Worth MatraversLordCrossbench biog
Pilkington of OxenfordLordConservative biog
PitkeathleyBaronessLabour biog
Plant of HighfieldLordLabour biog
Platt of WrittleBaronessConservative biog
PlumbLordConservative biog
Plummer of St. MaryleboneLordConservative biog
Ponsonby of ShulbredeLordLabour biog
PortsmouthBishop of Bishops biog
Powell of BayswaterLordCrossbench biog
PrasharBaronessCrossbench biog
PriorLordConservative biog
ProsserBaronessLabour biog
Prys-DaviesLordLabour biog
PuttnamLordLabour biog
QuinBaronessLabour biog
QuintonLordConservative biog
QuirkLordCrossbench biog
RadiceLordLabour biog
Ramsay of CartvaleBaronessLabour biog
RamsbothamLordCrossbench biog
RanaLordCrossbench biog
RawlingsBaronessConservative biog
RazzallLordLiberal Democrat biog
ReaLordLabour biog
ReayLordConservative biog
RedesdaleLordLiberal Democrat biog
ReesLordConservative biog
Rees of LudlowLordCrossbench biog
Rees-MoggLordCrossbench biog
Rendell of BaberghBaronessLabour biog
Renfrew of KaimsthornLordConservative biog
RennardLordLiberal Democrat biog
Renton of Mount HarryLordConservative biog
Renwick of CliftonLordCrossbench biog
RichardLordLabour biog
Richardson of CalowBaronessCrossbench biog
Richardson of DuntisbourneLordCrossbench biog
Ripon and LeedsBishop of Bishops biog
RixLordCrossbench biog
Roberts of ConwyLordConservative biog
Roberts of LlandudnoLordLiberal Democrat biog
Robertson of Port EllenLordLabour biog
RochesterBishop of Bishops biog
Rodger of EarlsferryLordCrossbench biog
Rodgers of Quarry BankLordLiberal Democrat biog
RoganLordCrossbench biog
Rogers of RiversideLordLabour biog
RookerLordLabour biog
RoperLordLiberal Democrat biog
RosserLordLabour biog
RosslynEarl of Crossbench biog
RotherwickLordConservative biog
Rowe-BeddoeLordCrossbench biog
RowlandsLordLabour biog
Royall of BlaisdonBaronessLabour biog
Russell-JohnstonLordLiberal Democrat biog
Ryder of WensumLordConservative biog
SaatchiLordConservative biog
Sainsbury of Preston CandoverLordConservative biog
Sainsbury of TurvilleLordLabour biog
SalisburyBishop of Bishops biog
Saltoun of AbernethyLadyCrossbench biog
SandbergLordLiberal Democrat biog
Sanderson of BowdenLordConservative biog
SandwichEarl of Crossbench biog
Saville of NewdigateLordCrossbench biog
SawyerLordLabour biog
Scotland of AsthalBaronessLabour biog
Scott of FoscoteLordCrossbench biog
Scott of Needham MarketBaronessLiberal Democratwebsite biog
SeccombeBaronessConservative biog
SelborneEarl of Conservative biog
Selkirk of DouglasLordConservative biog
SelsdonLordConservative biog
SewelLordLabour biog
SharmanLordLiberal Democrat biog
Sharp of GuildfordBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
SharplesBaronessConservative biog
Shaw of NorthsteadLordConservative biog
SheffieldBishop of Bishops biog
SheikhLordConservative biog
SheldonLordLabour biog
Shephard of NorthwoldBaronessConservative biog
Sheppard of DidgemereLordConservative biog
ShrewsburyEarl of Conservative biog
Shutt of GreetlandLordLiberal Democrat biog
SimonViscountLabour biog
Simon of HighburyLordLabour biog
SkelmersdaleLordConservative biog
SkidelskyLordCrossbench biog
SlimViscountCrossbench biog
Slynn of HadleyLordCrossbench biog
Smith of CliftonLordLiberal Democrat biog
Smith of FinsburyLordLabour biog
Smith of GilmorehillBaronessLabour biog
Smith of KelvinLordCrossbench  
Smith of LeighLordLabour biog
SnapeLordLabour biog
SnowdonEarl of Crossbench biog
SoleyLordLabour biog
Soulsby of Swaffham PriorLordConservative biog
SouthwarkBishop of Bishops biog
Southwell and NottinghamBishop of Bishops biog
St John of FawsleyLordConservative biog
St. AlbansBishop of Bishops biog
St. John of BletsoLordCrossbench biog
StairEarl of Crossbench  
Steel of AikwoodLordLiberal Democrat biog
SteinbergLordConservative biog
Sterling of PlaistowLordConservative biog
SternBaronessCrossbench biog
Stern of BrentfordLordCrossbench biog
Stevens of KirkwhelpingtonLordCrossbench biog
Stevens of LudgateLordOther biog
Stevenson of CoddenhamLordCrossbench biog
StewartbyLordConservative biog
SteynLordCrossbench biog
Stoddart of SwindonLordOther biog
StokesLordCrossbench biog
Stone of BlackheathLordLabour biog
StrabolgiLordLabour biog
StrathclydeLordConservative biog
Sutherland of HoundwoodLordCrossbench biog
SwinfenLordConservative biog
Symons of Vernham DeanBaronessLabour biog
TanlawLordCrossbench biog
TaverneLordLiberal Democrat biog
Taylor of BlackburnLordLabour biog
Taylor of BoltonBaronessLabour biog
Taylor of HolbeachLordConservative biog
Taylor of WarwickLordConservative biog
TebbitLordConservative biog
Temple-MorrisLordLabour biog
TemplemanLordCrossbench biog
TenbyViscountCrossbench biog
TeversonLordLiberal Democrat biog
ThatcherBaronessConservative biog
Thomas of GresfordLordLiberal Democrat biog
Thomas of MacclesfieldLordLabour biog
Thomas of SwynnertonLordCrossbench biog
Thomas of WalliswoodBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
Thomas of WinchesterBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
Thomson of MonifiethLordLiberal Democrat biog
ThorntonBaronessLabour biog
TomlinsonLordLabour biog
TongeBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
TopeLordLiberal Democrat biog
TordoffLordLiberal Democrat biog
TrefgarneLordConservative biog
TrenchardViscountConservative biog
TriesmanLordLabour biog
TrimbleLordConservative biog
TrumpingtonBaronessConservative biog
TruscottLordLabour biog
TugendhatLordConservative biog
TunnicliffeLordLabour biog
TurnbergLordLabour biog
TurnbullLordCrossbench biog
Turner of CamdenBaronessLabour biog
Turner of EcchinswellLordCrossbench biog
TylerLordLiberal Democrat biog
UddinBaronessLabourwebsite biog
UllswaterViscountConservative biog
VaderaBaronessLabour biog
ValentineBaronessCrossbench biog
Vallance of TummelLordLiberal Democrat biog
VarleyLordLabour biog
VermaBaronessConservative biog
Vincent of ColeshillLordCrossbench biog
VinsonLordConservative biog
WaddingtonLordConservative biog
Wade of ChorltonLordConservative biog
WakehamLordConservative biog
Waldegrave of North HillLordConservative biog
Walker of AldringhamLordCrossbench biog
Walker of GestingthorpeLordCrossbench biog
Walker of WorcesterLordConservative biog
Wall of New BarnetBaronessLabour biog
Wallace of SaltaireLordLiberal Democrat biog
Wallace of TankernessLordLiberal Democrat biog
WalmsleyBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
WalpoleLordCrossbench biog
Walton of DetchantLordCrossbench biog
WarnerLordLabour biog
WarnockBaronessCrossbench biog
WarsiBaronessConservative biog
Warwick of UndercliffeBaronessLabour biog
Watson of InvergowrieLordOther biog
Watson of RichmondLordLiberal Democrat biog
WaverleyViscountCrossbench biog
Wedderburn of CharltonLordLabour biog
WeidenfeldLordCrossbench biog
West of SpitheadLordLabour biog
WhitakerBaronessLabour biog
WhittyLordLabour biog
WilcoxBaronessConservative biog
WilkinsBaronessLabour biog
Williams of CrosbyBaronessLiberal Democrat biog
Williams of ElvelLordLabour biog
Williamson of HortonLordCrossbench biog
Willoughby de BrokeLordOther biog
Wilson of DintonLordCrossbench biog
Wilson of TillyornLordCrossbench biog
WinchesterBishop of Bishops biog
WindleshamLordConservative biog
WinstonLordLabour biog
WolfsonLordConservative biog
Wolfson of SunningdaleLordConservative biog
WoolfLordCrossbench biog
Woolmer of LeedsLordLabour biog
Wright of RichmondLordCrossbench biog
YorkArchbishop of Bishops biog
Young of GraffhamLordConservative biog
Young of HornseyBaronessCrossbench biog
Young of Norwood GreenLordLabour biog
Young of Old SconeBaronessOther biog
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