FRITZ!Box Fon at a Glance

FRITZ!Box Fon makes telephoning over the Internet as easy as you'd like it to be:

connect your existing telephones; pick up the receiver - that's all! Now you can talk over the Internet with Voice over IP (and you don't need to turn on your PC), or over the conventional phone line. Furthermore, FRITZ!Box Fon puts your PCs on the Internet, with ADSL speed. And the integrated, TÜV-tested firewall ensures security as you surf the web.

  • FRITZ!Box Fon combines ADSL router and PBX
  • Economical phone calls over Internet with VoIP, or over ISDN or analog phone line
  • Internet telephony with existing phones, without turning on the PC
  • Connect analog phones, answering machines, and fax machines
  • Intelligent bandwidth management for perfect voice quality
  • Router with integrated ADSL modem; connects to multiple PCs
  • Integrated, TÜV-tested firewall protects connected PCs

FRITZ!Box Fon at a glance:
DSL LAN / USB USB Host VoIP Part No.
(Annex A)
Part No.
(Annex B)
FRITZ!Box Fon 5124 Checked 4 / 0 Checked 2x analog 20002380 20002381