Issue 11: March/April 2008 major update: May 30

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Great Works is a site for innovative writing: modernist, postmodernist, archaic. It proclaims the need to let a thousand flowers bloom, and rejects any single definition of what writing is. It welcomes alternative poetries and other writing. It proudly offers no retrieval of coherence at a higher interpretative level.

hiding in the light

Work is invited or submitted: poetry, prose, or any other operations of language considered that encounter contemporary experience.

Two serial publications at present:

The last day of every month, or thereabouts: the next instalment of Richard Makin's new serial text St Leonards – accessible here – with the complete text starting just here. Excellent review of his current work on Intercapillary Space.

The other serial publication, at irregular intervals, is of Pistol Tree Poems, an interchange between Peter Hughes & Simon Marsh, from various locations, with the current sections here.

More information on contemporary British avant-garde poetry is given in a series of pages: New Readers Start Here. These give a little background and a lot of links to help anyone interested in making sense of the avant-garde British writing which features heavily on this site. See the side panel for links to these pages, and information on them.

The next issue will come out in the summer, with material from Niall Quinn, Alyson Torns, Nicolas Spicer and Christopher Barnes. I shall be publishing more of Amos Weisz's translations of German poetry: Johannes Jansen and Sascha Anderson (sharp intake of breath from some quarters); and a prose piece by Amos dealing with his relationships with Will Self. Tragically, Amos died earlier this year: I am saddened that so much talent has been wasted, and feel honoured that I can at least publish these pieces. Check on You Must Write As If Your Life Depended On It for when this issue is uploaded.

The Links pages have just been updated, as have the more narrowly British versions of these linked with New Readers Start Here. There is now a new page listing Readings etc in London (sorry rest of world!). My own thoughts are turning towards running some events, linking these with the long-promised, but now virtually present site.

To subscribe to information on updates to the site – click on the newsfeed icon , or visit the blog You Must Write As If Your Life Depended On It. Or my new MySpace blog.

Issue 11.41 — June 3, 2008 — Peter Philpott

Richard Makin, St Leonardsserial publication
Peter Hughes & Simon Marsh, Pistol Tree Poemsserial publication

John Welch, Yearn Glassnew
John Wilkinson, six poemsnew
John Lowther, from Stoppagesnew
Dave Rushmer, three poemsnew
sean burn, trans literationsnew
Daniel Andersson, In Time of Empire and Versenew
Alistair Noon, At the Atlanticnew
Innocenza Istarte, eight poemsnew
Michael Lee Johnson, two poemsnew
Dean Nicholson, four poemsnew
Mark Cunningham, five poemsnew
Christopher Mulrooney, three poemsnew
Andrew Baker, Epitaph of Reasonnew
Charles Jason Lee, six poemsnew
Norman Jope, six textsnew
Fish and Shushan, three poemsnew
Lydia Towsey, six poemsnew
Tom White, seven poemsnew
Steve Spence, three poemsnew
Michael Egan, six poemsnew
A Lee Firth, nine poemsnew
Chris Paul, three poemsnew
Richard Kostelanetz, Letter Linksnew
Amos Weisz translating Monika Rinck, six poemsnew
Lucy Harvest Clarke, seven poemsnew
Kevin Doran, three poemsnew
Mark Goodwin, five poemsnew
Christopher Barnes, five poemsnew
Chris Hardy, six poemsnew
Adam Burbage, five poemsnew
Sean Carey, three poemsnew
Richard Barrett, two poemsnew
Scott Thurston, from Momentumnew
Nick Wayte, two poemsnew
Paul A Green, Voicemailnew
Iftekhar Sayeed, Engendered Spacenew
Maurice Scully, two poems
Gregory Vincent St Thomasino, Elegy for Christopher Smart
Tom Jenks, six poems
Changming Yuan, two poems
Patricia Farrell, four poems
Steven Waling, four poems
Philip Hammial, six poems
Nick Wayte, two poems
Chris Gutkind, Thinking
Andy Jordan, The Mermiad
Tammy Ho, seven poems
Aishwarya Iyer, Reflections
Geoff Stevens, four poems
Janet Sutherland, two poems
T A James, two stories
Allison Boast, Crazed Dawn
Christopher Barnes, five poems
Alison Smith, two poems
Mark Goodwin, six poems
J Brooke, six stories
Niall Quinn, three Phlebas poems
Simon Wright, A Fragmented Verticality
Innocenza Istarte, ten poems
Daniel Andersson, Moonlit Night (translating Hjalmar Gullberg, Månskensnatt)
Michael Blackburn, LET'S BUILD A CITY
Chris Hardy, seven poems
Dean Nicholson, five poems
John Welch, poems
RG Gregory, Proverbs of Hellnew: pdf

The Playground from my archive: pdf