Title: Watership Down - The Real Watership Down

The Real Watership Down in photographs from the early 1980's of the area covered by the book, film and TV series of:

Richard Adams's 'Watership Down'

Now with re-scanned, digitally restored photos and many new photos!

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Bigwig (Thlayli) Richard Adams set the book 'Watership Down' in the region he grew up in. This area is a real place and is south of Newbury. The Enbourne marks the boundary between Berkshire to the North and Hampshire to the South. Most of the area, including Watership Down itself, lies in Hampshire, however for historical reasons the ridge of downs of which Watership Down is a part are called the Berkshire Downs.

So, the rabbits of the Sandleford Warren lived in Berkshire. They moved across the border into Hampshire one dark night to live on the most famous and recognizable down of them all - Watership Down. But how many of you will actually recognise it when you see it? See if you really know what Watership Down looks like?

Unlike the place, the rabbits are fictional. Some real rabbits do live on Watership Down close to the Honeycomb site but they are not; and never were; Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig (Thlayli) and all their friends, companions and enemies.

This website has more than 50 photographs. These photographs are accompanied by quotes from the book and/or the film and, in most cases, a few notes from me.

The official website for the TV series which was released in the UK and Canada in 2000 used photos and other images from as does the region 4 DVD of the film released by Big Sky Video in december 2003.

Blackberry here knows all sorts of interesting facts about Watership Down.
New for 2004! Blackberry's Fascinating Facts

Blackberry here will tell you all sorts of interesting and little-known facts about Watership Down. He really is clever you know... for a rabbit that is! Look out for him and click him when you see him!

The site has also had a bit of a facelift, the film section is much improved and there's new sections with the story of my life with Watership Down.

New in October 2004 - all the pictures are re-scanned and are fresher and better than ever! Not only that, yes, there are new, never before published photos too!

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Come and see the Real Watership Down!

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