The Anti Money Laundering Network : Operations


The Anti Money Laundering Network: Operations

For more than a decade, our group and its associates have helped bankers, lawyers, accountants, insurance companies and many more to design and implement their counter-money laundering strategies, to train their staff and to help regulators understand the risks they are trying to address, published World Money Laundering Report and its sister publications, undertaken investigations, surveillance and due diligence enquiries and developed counter-money laundering and anti-terrorist funding technologies. But there is another side to our business.

Veritas Centrum is our specialist Operations Division dealing with due diligence, investigations, intelligence and evidence gathering, surveillance and anti-surveillance, monitoring and other security related issues. Staffed by former UK Special Forces personnel, former military intelligence officers and former enforcement agency investigators, Veritas Centrum offers a range of services that go into a wide range of economic crime including training investigators, surveillance and anti-surveillance teams, training government personnel in insertion, operations and extraction and a range of commercial operations.

We are the only integrated counter-money laundering / anti -terrorist financing group with integrated operations. With offices in Europe and Asia, we are here to help you whether you are in government, supra-national organisations, the financial sector or commerce.

Veritas Centrum is a division of Silkscreen Limited, a UK corporation, part of The Anti Money Laundering Network
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