* Everything Else�





And here we find, well, everything else.

A goodly smattering of all the bits and pieces which surround the interviews & reviews in HermAphrodite, and one or two articles published elsewhere.

Such as� a Thought (or two), Spam gifts, a letter from my aardvark penpal, some top tips, further proof that Bert Is Evil, banishments for Room 101, suggestions as to how you know you�ve watched too much �Buffy�, teachings from the Book of Deuteronomy, poetry, an in-depth look at the influence of William Burroughs on subsequent generations of heroin users, snippety bits of silver screen trivia, eulogies, the zines� middle-pages crosswords, the peculiarities my spellcheck has tried to remodify perfectly contented words into, musings on music censorship, History Mole facts, a picture of someone that despite appearances is not Stewart Lee, some utterly fantastic words (�zyzzyva�?) to help you win at Scrabble, a penguin adventure, things to laugh out-loud at, shabby pop lyrics suffering childish sarcasm, and of course, any number of ideas as to Ways to Torture Shed7.

So whether you feel like looking at a picture of one of my friends dressed as an Arctic yeti, or studying a critical appreciation of CamperVan Beethoven�s �Take The Skinheads Bowling� (it�s an off-chance you were looking for either, but one aims to please), here, you�re covered�





And They Think That I�m Weird�

(photos I have taken of weirdness I have known)



(to test your grid-bound knowledge of movies, gay slang, and Beanie Babies)




(to show you[bits of] my life in words & pictures)




(looking at Curse Tablets, �Junk�, Aztec cannibalism, Arthurian Legend & Monty Python�)


Fun With Spellchecks

(the horror that happens when PC-correctness gets above itself�)



(pictures of funny things�)


History Mole

(snuffled-up history facts from the top-soil of time)


Luvverly Links

(the obligatory links-to-other-sites page)


Poems �n� Prose

(poems �n� prose �n� pictures)


Product Placements

(real items you can buy: gifts from Heinz & Spam��)


Rampant Enthusings

(miscellaneous article gathering; Python, vampires, censorship, the Millennium Dome�)


Rest In Peace

(Christopher Price�)


Room 101

(select banishments for an Orwellian hell � hello Jo Whiley, so glad you could drop in�)



(bits of writing about penguins and faeries and pop-starrs, oh my)


Things That Make You Go GRR

(banging on about censorship, Glastonbury 2001, the Millennium Dome, violence in music�)


Things That Make You Go Hmm

(worldwide weirdnesses; movie trivia, shark facts, carrot fun, Goofy musings, naughty cockroaches�)


Thought For The Week

(ponderings on all things pertinent to my brain; expect plentiful sarcasm and �Buffy� musings then�)


Tom McHugh

(my aardvark penpal)



Top Tips

(a selection of highly intelligent suggestions)


Ways To Torture Shed 7

(childish ways, misheard ways, Dream City Film Club ways�)



(lettery fun; quotes, hipster- slang, Pratchett-glories, childish sarcasm, helpful foreign phrases)


You Know You�ve Watched Too Much XXXX When�

(how to spot the �Buffy�/Izzard/�Labyrinth�/MTV/�Withnail�/Monty Python/�Spinal Tap�� obsessives)




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Last revised: 05/12/03