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John Meade Falkner

1894      Handbook for Travellers in Oxfordshire, with maps and plans                                                            

                              London: John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1894  242pp.

1895      The Lost Stradivarius

                              William Blackwood and Sons: Edinburgh and London

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                              [including A Midsummer Night’s Marriage & Charalampia]

                               introduction by Mark Valentine [limited edition of 300 copies]

1896       A Midsummer Night’s Marriage

                              The National Review Vol. XXVII  pp. 851-871   August 1896

                              The Tragara Press, Edinburgh  1977  33pp.

                               introduction by Alan Bell [limited edition of 160 copies]

1898       Moonfleet

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1899       A History of Oxfordshire: Popular County Histories

                              London: Elliot Stock, 1899  324pp.

                              ordinary edition in claret cloth with dark blue spine

                               edition of 250 copies in dark green cloth

                              edition of 50 large size copies in dark green cloth

                              Elliot Stock [cheap edition], London  1906  327pp.

1902       Handbook for Berkshire, with 3 maps and 2 plans

                              London: Edward Stanford  1902  143pp.

1903       The Nebuly Coat

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                               edited with introduction by Christopher Hawtree

                             Ash-Tree Press, Ashcroft, British Columbia 2004 289pp

                             Introduction by Mark Valentine (limited edition of 500 copies)



1916       Charalampia

                              Cornhill Magazine No. 246 New Series  pp. 659-679 December

1918       Bath in History and Social Tradition

                              London: John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1918  86pp.

1925       A History of Durham Cathedral Library

                        Introduction + ‘Some Later Durham Bibliophiles’

                              Durham: Durham County Advertiser, Ltd.  1925  134pp.

                              [red cloth covers with Twenty-four Collotype Plates]

                              [green paper covers with six Collotype Plates]

1932       Poems

                              Privately printed [Durham?]  brown paper wrappers  60pp.

1933       Poems

                              Westminster Press, London  green paper wrappers  79pp.

1929       The Statutes of the Cathedral Church of Durham

                              Surtees Society Vol. CXLIII for year MCMXXIX

“edited for the Society…from the Latin text prepared by Mr. J. Meade Falkner”

1948       The Mint: A Miscellany of Literature, Art and Criticism

                              edited by Geoffrey Grigson

                              Routledge and Kegan Paul Ltd., London 1948 

                              includes            Charalampia  by Falkner  pp.34-57

                                                      Five Poems by Falkner  pp.58-63

1981       A Roman Villa: Chedworth [poem] by John Meade Falkner

                              Oxford: The Atlantis Press  1981  8pp.

                              introduction by Michael Daniell

1993       Temenos: Seven Poems by John Meade Falkner

                              Privately printed  1993  37pp.

                              introduction by David Burnett

1946       The Living Novel – V. S. Pritchett

                              Chatto & Windus, London  1946 

                              “The Amateur” - chapter on Falkner  pp.159-165

1960       Essays by Divers Hands -  New Series  Volume XXX

                              London: Oxford University Press  1960

                              “John Meade Falkner” by Sir William Haley  pp.55-67

1995       John Meade Falkner 1858-1932: A Paradoxical Life

                              by Kenneth Warren

                              The Edwin Mellen Press, Lampeter  1995  335pp.

         There are articles on Meade Falkner’s books and life in the Society’s