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Poly-Solipsism: The Play
added Feb 8, 2005

What is The Singularity

The Problem of Individuality in a One Consciousness Singularity.
added 3/02/05

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The Quantum Basis for Poly-Solipsism by Beto Hoisel
added on 1/05/05

Beto Hoisel's web site

(Dec-10-2006) on the Subject-Oriented Approach By Arne Kjellman


The Self-Aware Universe

added on 12/27/04

Quantum Theory and Consciousness

added on 12/02/04

Reality the Last Frontier
added 11/26/04

Science, Matter, and Consciousness

The Global Consciousness Project

Quantum Reality
added 3/12/04

Some Personal Thoughts on Meaning, Truth and Perfection by Dr.Tim Duerden
added 3/16/04

A Course in Consciousness by Professor Stanley Sobottka

This is actually and old one I rediscovered in my files. Here is the link to the Discovery Index of past articles. You will have to search for Vol. 23 No. 6 (June 2002) to read John Wheeler's "Does the Universe Exist if We're Not Looking?"
added 4/23/04

I am not Alone!!

Captain Quantum! a.k.a. Dr. Fred Alan Wolf

added 10/16/04

Reality, Belief and The Mind by Gene Zimmer

added on 10/22/04

Ian Heath's web site
A Modern Thinker

Philosophy .of

Psychology . Science . Metaphysics

Added Feb. 3, 2006

Links to Interesting web sites:

A new Friend with very Interesting Thoughts of his own: Closer to God


Now here is a place you Must visit. I stumbled across it by serendipity, as is often the case, and now I am hooked! Information Pollution
This site has changed my mind about Blogs!

The We Hope Philosophy web site

The Philosopher's Stone

There are really great links on The Philosopher's Stone Theory and Links page

Brunardot's Reality is a . . . Paradigm Shift!

Symbiotic Panentheism

A fun place to just hang out.-MOTU

A very good friend's web site:-Romantic Winds.

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