About GAIN
The African Civil Society Governance and AIDS Initiative (GAIN) was launched in South Africa in October 2003. GAIN brings together treatment activists with campaigners for democracy and human rights in a coalition to address the challenges of ensuring that democracy, human rights and good governance are sustained during the HIV/AIDS epidemic and governments’ responses to it.

GAIN is a partnership of civil society activists from across Africa. We work to find ways of engaging with each of these different initiatives and to propose solutions to the various problems of governance, democracy and human rights that HIV/AIDS has created. We focus on providing the best research, information and advocacy on how civil society can respond to HIV/AIDS, and how the challenge can be met across borders.

To facilitate the process, Justice Africa, in partnership with 14 pan-African civil society organsations, forms a core group that works with civil society organisations, community groups and governments to propose solutions to the social problems created by HIV/AIDS, and ensures that their views and experiences on how HIV/AIDS has impacted their communities are heard by those who can make a difference.

Details of GAIN’s target groups

GAIN’s Goal

A new social and political contract for the era of HIV/AIDS.

GAIN’s Aims

To build an effective and inclusive coalition of African organisations dedicated to addressing the social, political, and economic effects of HIV/AIDS

To promote forms of governance in Africa that are resilient to HIV/AIDS, and to ensure that hard-won progress on democratic governance, human rights and living standards is not reversed by the invidious effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic

To commission, undertake and promote the most relevant and useful social research into HIV/AIDS; commissioned at the community-level, and undertaken by African researchers, in order to contribute to a growing and African-owned pool of social research on HIV/AIDS, so that Africans are better able make the choices necessary for their communities in the era of HIV/AIDS

Core Values

  • Empowering citizens at local, national, regional levels to act effectively on governments and the international community.
  • Ensuring that people living with HIV and AIDS, their familiesand all vulnerable people enjoy all citizenship rights.
  • Making HIV/AIDS a core part of all political processes.
  • Equipping all vital social and political actors with the necessary tools to make and win the case concerning HIV/AIDS, democracy and governance.
  • Supporting polices and programmes that are pro-poor and that promote gender equity.

GAIN Issues Brief
Current news and research undertaken by GAIN members is disseminated through the regular GAIN Issues Brief, published electronically every two months. Read the GAIN Brief here.